EastEnders fans creeped out by Theo Hawthorne breaking into Stacey Slater’s bedroom and sniffing her belongings


EASTENDERS fans are creeped out after Theo Hawthorne let himself into Stacey Slater’s bedroom and sniffed her belongings.

The dodgy teacher – who is played by actor William Ellis in the BBC soap – has been officially unmasked as Stacey Slater’s secret customer on her adult profile.

EastEnders fans were creeped out after Theo sniffed Stacey’s dressing gown

The dodgy teacher sneaked into her bedroom on tonight’s episode

Viewers have watched as he has conned his way into Stacey’s life and began grooming her daughter Lily.

In tonight’s episode he managed to make it so he was alone in the Slater house with pregnant Lily.

And he took full advantage by sneaking upstairs and letting himself into Stacey’s room and sniffing her belongings.

He even stole one of her perfumes from her vanity dresser.

But he was called back downstairs by a terrified Lily who was in agony after suffering from Braxton Hicks.

Theo rushed her to hospital just in case but Stacey had left her phone at home so didn’t get any of his messages.

And when she finally got them, she rushed to hospital with Martin – who promptly attacked Theo for being alone with Lily.

Stacey calmed everything down and demanded Martin apologise and sort things out with Theo – much to the creepy teacher’s delight.

Later when they were alone he told her how amazing she was, leaving her very uncomfortable and as he left he eagerly sniffed her stolen perfume in his car.

Viewers were completely creeped out by the sniffing scenes.

One wrote: “Ewww, Theo officially gives me the absolute creeps! When he went into Stacey’s room, I knew he was going to start sniffing stuff.”

A second said: “OMG Theo going into Stacey’s bedroom THIS IS SICK!!!!!!”

Another added: “Theo sat sniffing Stacey’s perfume – CREEP.”

Theo stole Stacey’s perfume and began sniffing it