EastEnders future ‘bleak’ as loyal fans switch off due to ludicrous plots & woke storylines amid £85m spend on new set

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THE closing credits could soon roll for good at EastEnders — as fans turn off amid bonkers plotlines and claims it has gone woke.

The BBC soap barely scrapes a million viewers, compared to up to 30million in its heyday.

EastEnders fans are turning off amid new plotlines and claims it has gone woke, pictured Cindy and Ian Beale

The soap barely scrapes a million viewers, pictured Angie and Den Watts

Speculation the soap – which first aired in 1985 – could end have surfaced

Soap chief Chris Clenshaw’s desperate move to bring superbitch Cindy Beale back from the dead has not sparked a desired upturn.

It is rapidly losing ground to ITV rivals Corrie and Emmerdale, which pull in around four million.

The decision to build a new £87million set in Herts – funded by licence fee payers – has also come under increasing scrutiny.

It has led to speculation the soap – which first aired in 1985 – could end. A TV insider says: “It’s a worrying time for EastEnders.

“It used to be the show which everybody was talking about but it’s now in a precarious position where older viewers are switching off, and younger viewers have no interest.

“Bringing back presumed dead characters is a desperate move which rarely works, but EastEnders is really running out of options. We could be watching its final years.”

HOAR revealed Michelle Collins, 61, was reprising her role of Cindy, 25 years after she apparently died while giving birth in prison.

Michelle, who made her comeback last month alongside veteran co-star Adam Woodyatt, who plays Ian Beale, admitted she was unsure about the story.

She said: “I said to my agent, ‘Oh, this is ridiculous’.”

The soap has also seen big names depart, including Danny Dyer, who was unhappy about storylines.

The actor, 45, who played pub boss Mick Carter, saw his chirpy character change dramatically, suffering from panic attacks. He said: “I didn’t quite know who I was playing anymore.”

Other bubbly Walford residents turned into quivering wrecks include Kim Fox, played by Tameka Empson, hit by PTSD after a crash.

Danny also referred to the ratings, saying: “All I got for the past couple of years was, ‘You still in that EastEnders? I don’t watch it anymore.’”

It has also been accused of being woke, with MPs criticising political references, including Sharon Watts likening Brexit to Covid.

Cheryl Fergison, who played Heather Trott, also claimed it was not “relatable” as it was too violent.

Last August, BBC boss harlotte Moore said it remained “a very important” part of the schedule and backed Clenshaw to “evolve” it.

EastEnders used to rake in up to 30million viewers in its heyday