EastEnders fans fear for Keanu as Phil violently erupts after discovering hes Sharons mystery man in explosive scenes


EASTENDERS fans were left terrified for Keanu this evening after Phil violently erupted after discovering hes Sharons mystery man.

In explosive scenes, the hardman (Steve McFadden) smashes up the Arches when he finally works out the truth about who the baby belongs to after a witch hunt.

Phil erupts in a fury after discovering the truth

Earlier this week Louise worked out that her fianc had been having an affair with her step mum after Ben and Phil quizzed her about who Sharon had been spending time with.

She decides to confront Keanu about a message she found on Sharons phone months ago, which Sharon claimed was to do with a personal training session.

The pair looked very awkward and it wasnt long until Phil was told about the rumoured PT session and finally worked out it was Keanu.

Flying into a rage, Phil goes to the Arches and starts smashing stuff up before Ben finds him.

Phil has murder on his mind in EastEnders this Christmas
Ben tells his dad that Keanu will not outlive Christmas

He tells his dad: Trust me, he will not outlive Christmas.

Those watching at home are really scared about what was in store for Keanu.

One person wrote: “Phil finally knows …”

A second added: “And the penny drops phil knows its keanu hes ready to go kill him in true Mitchell style”

While a third tweeted: “Phil was ready to kill them both right there and then”

Soap boss Kate Oates has teased an explosive twist at Christmas for the soaps bombshell episode.

The Head of Continuing Drama has promised that viewers wont be able to predict what happens as Phil Mitchell finally learns the truth about Sharons affair with Keanu Taylor.

The Sheanu love affair will come to a head this festive season

Kate told HOAR Online: “You learn that if you cross one Mitchell then you cross them all, so there’s a little bit of a twist in there as to who’s going to deliver the killer blow – that’s very much part of it.”

Elsewhere in the episode Linda Carter ended up getting really drunk and had a huge row at Mick.

After weeks of concern, he told her he thought she was an alcoholic and she fired back saying he was a pathetic excuse for a man in heart breaking scenes.

She then stormed out the pub and went strolling around the streets before collapsing in a drunken stupor.