EastEnders fans hit out at violence saying bruised faces and broken bones have left them switching off


EASTENDERS fans are shunning the show after growing sickened by the number of grisly and violent scenes.

Last month, the BBC One soap received a whopping 181 complaints after Phil Mitchell was shown torturing Jack Branning.

Scenes of Phil Mitchell torturing Jack Branning attracted 181 complaints
Keanu has also had a go at torturing Callum in EastEnders too

There have been further scenes of torture too, with Keanu tying up Callum after kidnapping him – and making Ben Mitchell listen to the whole thing.

And on Friday Whitney Dean was seen brutally murdering Leo King in self defence, after he had been constantly harassing her in a bid to avenge his paedophile father Tony.

With the 35th anniversary of the soap fast approaching, the drama is mounting, but not all viewers are enjoying it.

Writing on an EastEnders forum, one fan said: “There seems to be far more violence in EastEnders these days, and in almost every storyline.

Whitney killed her stalker Leo in an act of self-defence

“On Friday we had the Bobby storyline with a brick through the window, the Whitney storyline which has involved a lot of violence [and the] kidnapping of Callum.

“In recent times also domestic violence, rape and continuous Mitchell storylines including kidnap of louise, kidnap and proposed murder of Keanu etc.”

The viewer added: “I’m not particularly against any of these stories individually but I feel that it is a bit too much and a bit of a turn off.”

Agreeing with the poster, another added:“I got a bit tired of seeing bruised faces and broken bones in EastEnders ( especially on cutie Ben Mitchell) .

Some fans have said they are fed up of seeing ‘bruised faces and broken bones’ in the soap

“I don’t know about other soaps but bleeding noses and black eyes are not my idea of family TV entertainment at diner time.”

A third chimed in: “Yes, I’m a little surprised they get away with so much at 7:30.”

But not everyone is in agreement. Some viewers can’t get enough of the violence.

Defending the brutal drama, one EastEnders fan raved: “I for one am loving all the action and violence.”

Another joked: “I’d rather this than chess and samosas.”

But some viewers say they ‘love’ the violence

EastEnders’ 35th anniversary week kicks off today (Monday February 17, 2020).

There will be special episodes packed with shock twists and high drama – and at least one tragic death.

One unlucky character will drown after going overboard while cruising the River Thames in a party boat – but who will it be?