EastEnders fans in shock as Jack Branning discovers truth about Denise Fox’s fling with Ravi


EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Jack Branning kicked Denise Fox out after her fling with Ravi Gulati was exposed.

Hairdresser Denise – who is played by actress Diane Parrish in the BBC soap – was forced to confess all, and reveal all about Ravi blackmailing her and demanding information about the police investigation.

Denise finally tells Jack the truth

Jack is horrified by the news

Furious, Jack went to confront Ravi but exposed him in front of the entire party at Walford East.

Ravi followed him out and tried to provoke Jack – which didn’t work until he told Jack about how he got Denise into bed at the hotel.

Jack punched Ravi but Ravi got the better of him and began beating him – only stopping when Denise pushed him off.

After Ravi’s bombshell, Jack was dragged home by Denise and she begged him to talk to her.

“I love you and I think we can get through this,” she told him. “People get through worse. We just need to keep talking.”

But Jack insisted he wasn’t going to talk to her: “Because every time I look at you, I see you and him together in bed. 

“His hands all over you and your face in that moment. Talking ain’t going to sort this out. I don’t think anything can.”

Walking into the living room, Denise told Jack she was going to leave for a few days.

“I’m going to stay with Kim for a while,” she said as Jack struggled to hold back tears. 

“I’ll come back in the morning to collect Raymond. I love you and I am sorry. I just hope we can work things out.”

As she left Jack broke down into sobs, and likewise his daughter Amy was devastated on the stairs.

Outside Denise broke down too and fans were in shock.

One wrote: “Seeing Denise reduced to what she is after years of being the sensible one is absolutely fascinating. She deserves it but also my God I feel so bad for her.”

A second said: “Denise’s actions have sent ripples through the whole family.”

Another added: “I cant see Denise go through this.”

Jack breaks down over the revelations
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