EastEnders fans left shocked as they spot Natalie Cassidy’s real-life fiancé appearing on show


EASTENDERS fans were shocked last night when Sonia star Natalie Cassidy’s fiance popped up on the show.

Marc Humphreys, who is a cameraman on the soap, made an unexpected appearance during spin-off Secrets From The Square.

EastEnders cameraman Marc Humphreys made his first appearance on the show last night

Ian Beale actor joked about him when Stacey Dooley said the cast and crew were close – before revealing: “He’s with Nat.”

The 53-year-old laughed that the actors don’t actually like their backstage counterparts, saying: “We don’t actually mean it. We can’t stand Marc.

“But we have to be nice to him because he’s with Nat.”

Stacey, wheeled round, asking “Oh, are you? You’re Sonia’s husband? Oh, that’s amazing.”

We’re used to seeing Natalie as Sonia on the soap – but never Marc

The family at a gala performance of The Snowman in 2017

Natalie and Marc with her daughter Eliza at an event in London in 2016

Marc was pointed out by Ian Beale star Adam Woodyatt on Secrets from the Square

Sonia getting some bad news as usual alongside Martin Fowler in EastEnders

The lad, seen blended into the background in a black T-shirt behind the camera, stayed silent just flashing a big smile.

Marc and Natalie have been an item since 2014, getting engaged in October the following year.

A few months later Natalie revealed she was pregnant with her second child and Joanie Elizabeth Cassidy-Humphreys was born in August 2016.

The 37-year-old also has a daughter called Eliza from a relationship with ex Adam Cottrell.

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