Apprentice Star Faces Backlash Over Yellow Shop


Neighbours Furious Over "Unacceptable" Paint Job

An Apprentice star has found herself in a heated dispute with her neighbours after painting her shop a shade of yellow they deem "unacceptable". Marianne Rawlins, who appeared on the 15th season of the hit reality show The Apprentice, opened her baby and toddler shop, 'Stork of Stamford', in September. However, the choice of black and yellow paint for the shop's front has sparked outrage among local residents.

A Series of Missteps for Ex-Apprentice Stars

Marianne Rawlins is not the first ex-Apprentice star to face trouble after appearing on the TV show. Several previous contestants have found themselves in hot water, and Rawlins is now the latest addition to the list.

A Surprising Reaction

Marianne Rawlins expressed her surprise at her neighbours' negative response to the paint job. She believed that the colours she chose accentuated the heritage of the building rather than detracting from it. The Tudor building had been vacant for over two years before Rawlins took over, and she aimed to preserve its character while refreshing its look.

Opposition from Civic Society and Town Council

The town's civic society and the Stamford Town Council have both criticized the yellow shop frontage. They argue that the chosen color does not align with the area's conservation status and urged the planning officers to reconsider the application.

Possible Repainting Required

If a retrospective planning application is unsuccessful, Marianne Rawlins may be forced to change the yellow shop frontage. The decision will be made by the planning department of the South Kesteven District Council.

Marianne Rawlins' Journey to Opening the Shop

Marianne Rawlins, originally from California, moved to the UK in 2017 to be with her husband, who is a pilot based at RAF Wittering. She has been eager to open a shop in Stamford since the birth of her son in 2021 and is thrilled to have found the perfect location for 'Stork of Stamford'.

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