EastEnders Shona McGarty reveals Whitneys terrifying plot where Leo watches her from her loft


EASTENDERS star Shona McGarty has opened up about the horrific plot that sees stalker Leo King move into Whitney Dean’s loft and secretly watch her.

The actress gave more details of the storyline, calling it “terrifying” and “intense”.

Whitney and Leo have been involved in a very intense storyline

Speaking to New magazine, Shona opened up on the upcming events, giving us more of insight into what we can expect in the coming weeks.

“Whitney is oblivious that Leo is hiding in her loft, which is just terrifying,” Shona explained.

“She goes to see Kat and arrives home to see the place ransacked and a letter that Tony gave her is a missing.”

She added: “She and Leo have an intense showdown.”

The worst is yet to come for Whitney who will discover Leo is watching her from her loft

Albert Square fans will see this epic storyline with Leo and Whitney come to a head in brutal fight.

After turning up at Whit’s failed wedding to Callum Highway last year, Leo soon set his sights on Whitney and after spending some time together, Leo grew close to her and they began a relationship.

Whit did not realise that Leo was the son of Tony King, who abused her as a child and wanted the stall owner to lie and say his father did not abuse her.

She stood firm and immediately ended things with Leo after finding out who he really was, but he still persisted with Whit and is now in hospital after Kush accidentally pushed him off a balcony after refusing to leave her alone.

Shona McGarty thinks Whitney still holds a flame for Leo

Last week fans saw Leo steal Whit’s diary containing all the horrible things he has done to her.

This is bound to infuriate the evil market trader and now he feels he cannot trust her and is watching Whit’s every move.

According to New magazine, actor Tom Wells believes his character will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

“Leo will stop at nothing, simply because his life’s purpose is to right the wrong that’s been done to his dad and his family,” he explained.

Tom Wells says Leo will stop at nothing to get what he believes to be the truth

He added: “He feels he has been duped by Whitney, which has thrown even more fuel on the fire. For Leo now, all bets are off. He’ll get the “truth” by any means.”

Despite his evil deeds, Whit still wants him to be happy according to 28-year-old Shona.

“Whitney still sees the good in evil and she still wants Leo to be happy, which proves how nice she is.

She continued: Even though he is Tony’s son and it’s tragic they can never be together, she does kind of still hold a flame for him.”

Whit and Leo will get involved in a brutal fight

When asked what advice she would give to her character, Shona explained that Whitney needs to find and love herself again.

“She needs to be on her own for at least a couple of months,” she said.

“Spend more time with Tiff, maybe talk to Chantelle or go out with Ruby. She needs to live her life, not worry about men and forget the past.”

The two stars praised one another, with Tom describing McGarty as an “absolute dream” and Shona praising Tom as a “fantastic actor” who she enjoyed filming the emotional drama with.