EastEnders spoilers: Dotty Cotton panics as mum Sandy arrives knowing Rocky’s true identity


DOTTY Cotton panics as her mother Sandy arrives knowing Rocky’s true identity. 

Rocky is following Dotty’s orders to pose as Sonia Fowler’s father in order to con her out of Dot Cotton’s inheritance money.

Dotty is horrified when her mother Sandy rocks up in the Square
Sandy knows Rocky’s true identity

Sonia recently agreed to invest in her father’s business, playing into Dotty’s plan. 

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Dotty stress about her relaunch event at Ruby’s. 

Rocky reassures her he has a plan to get money and asks Vinny to DJ, but he turns his offer down. 

When Sonia chases up Dotty for bill payment, Vinny takes pity and helps out after all but makes clear that she is still in his bad books.

Rocky scores VIP invites for himself and Sonia to attend Dotty’s noughties event at the club. 

Disaster strikes when Rocky catches sight of a drunk woman, who is soon revealed as Dotty’s mother.

Later in the week, Dotty invites Sandy for a chat, but Rocky insists it’ll blow their cover. 

Dotty arrives home to find Whitney in tears, accusing Sandy of stealing her engagement ring. 

Sandy was last seen on the Square in 2010 when she shocked her daughter Dotty, who believed she’d died in a car crash, with the news that she was alive. 

Why has Sandy returned and will she expose Dotty’s evil scheme?

Sandy was last seen in 2010 when she broke the news to Dotty that she wasn’t dead