EastEnders Star Letitia Dean Reveals Her Weight Loss Journey


Letitia Dean, known for her role as Sharon Watts in EastEnders, has opened up about her impressive weight loss and how she achieved it. The actress, who has been on the show since its inception in 1985, decided to make a change to her lifestyle to get fitter and healthier.

Binning Fad Diets and Junk Food

Letitia revealed that she had previously tried various fad diets, including an "eggs-only" diet that she described as "disgusting." While it did help her lose weight initially, she found herself quickly regaining the pounds. Determined to find a more sustainable approach, she decided to ditch these faddy diets and instead focus on a simple and healthy eating plan.

Switching to a Healthier Diet

The actress now follows a diet that consists of around 1,300 calories per day. She has cut out junk food and opts for high-protein meals like skinless chicken breasts and plenty of green vegetables. Letitia's commitment to her new diet has resulted in an impressive weight loss of 2 stone 1 pound.

Exercise Routine

Letitia emphasized the importance of enjoying the exercise you choose to do when trying to lose weight. For her, running and boxercise have become "two of her favorite things." She also incorporates workouts at the gym and takes long walks. By combining these activities, she has managed to maintain her weight loss and achieve a more toned physique.

Positive Results and Fan Reactions

Letitia is thrilled with the physical and mental benefits of her weight loss journey. Not only does she look better than ever, but she also feels more energetic and confident. Fans have also taken notice, with many praising her amazing transformation and taking inspiration from her dedication to fitness.

Letitia Dean's weight loss journey serves as a reminder that making simple and sustainable changes to our lifestyle can lead to remarkable results.