Emmerdale: Belle Dingle’s downfall explained as Andrea Tate actress speaks out about her revenge


EMMERDALE fans were convinced that Andrea would be out to get revenge against Belle Dingle after she discovered husband Jamie Tate’s affair.

And now Anna Nightingale – who plays Andrea on the ITV soap – has said that Belle better start watching her back. So what does Andrea have in store for Belle? Here’s everything you need to know…

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Andrea has discovered her husband Jamie’s affair with Belle Dingle

What do we know about Belle Dingle’s downfall in Emmerdale?

Having discovered that Jamie is cheating on her with Belle, scorned Andrea has so far been spending more time weeping than plotting her revenge. 

But fans saw a glimpse of Andrea’s potential when she spotted Jamie and Belle drinking at the Woolpack and decided to toy with them. 

Andrea sat down with the love rats and enjoyed watching Belle squirm as she told Jamie she was planning a holiday for them. 

But will Andrea step up her revenge tactics and secure Belle’s downfall?

Fans are convinced that Andrea is just biding her time before she strikes.

One fan tweeted: “Andrea just bidding her time to make belle sweat! #emmerdale.”

Another added: “And Andrea finally knows Kinda looking forward to how she’s gonna play this.”

A third added: “Andrea playing Belle & Jamie at their own game. Just hope she decides against wanting the pathetic sap back and sets out to ruin them both instead #Emmerdale.”

Emmerdale are yet to confirm how exactly Andrea gets her revenge, but Anna Nightingale – who plays Andrea on the ITV soap – has hinted that Belle better watch her back. 

Andrea actress Anna Nightingale has said Belle Dingle better watch her back in Emmerdale

What has Anna Nightingale said about Andrea’s revenge against Belle?

Anna Nightingale spoke to Metro about why her character’s nemesis Belle could be in grave danger. 

Anna said: “She will be thinking of her daughter, so I don’t think she’d do anything to jeopardise her but blind rage can make people do crazy things.”

She added: “I think she would find it heartbreaking to see them together if they stayed as a couple, so she may set her sights on breaking them up. She’s learnt a lot from Kim and her stealthy approach to implementing revenge.”

Asked about how her character would react if Jamie and Andrea split, Anna added: “I would love to see her navigate her relationships in the village as a single woman. I think she’d want to stay just to prove a point. She’s got a fun, crazy and sexy side she would feel more free to show.”