Emmerdale fans blast ‘pervy’ Ellis Chapman for shamelessly ogling Priya Sharma’s bum during workout session


EMMERDALE fans have blasted Ellis Chapman for his “pervy” ways after he shamelessly stared at Priya Sharma’s bum during a workout session.

The personal trainer – played by Aaron Anthony in the ITV soap – couldn’t help himself when he was trying to make the business manager feel better after losing her job.

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Priya Sharma and Ellis Chapman got their sweat on during last night’s episode

As viewers will know, Priya has had a rough time over the past few weeks after finding out her former boyfriend Al Chapman had been sleeping with Debbie Dingle behind his back.

And as you can imagine, tensions are high between the pair at Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits, considering they both still work together.

In the first instalment of the soap last night, the business partners had to also deal with the pressure of trying to secure a deal with a new client.

But after the drink brand owner heard Al exchange some nasty words with Priya, she opted out.

Priya went to the park to drink herself into oblivion

Ellis decided to be her shoulder to cry on

An angry Al blamed Priya and fired her on the spot, so she packed her bags and left.

Al’s son Ellis – who has had his eye on the business woman for quite some time now – bumped into Priya in the park with a bottle of red wine and asked her to talk about it back at his.

Ellis managed to convince Priya that working up a sweat would make her feel better.

The fitness fanatic got her warmed up and asked her to get on with some boxing moves, pretending that she was hitting his dad in the face for pay back.

Ellis really enjoyed his workout session with Priya

“Right now lunge forward and punch out,” he told her.

She replied: “Do I have to?”

Ellis snapped back: “Will you stop complaining!”

And Priya asked: “Are you always this mean with your clients?”

Ellis was seen eying up Priya’s bum

But the business woman had no idea

Ellis quickly snapped out of it when she turned around

“Only the ones who need a firm hand, imagine your punching my dad’s face,” he replied.

As she got on with the move, Ellis couldn’t help but stare at Priya’s bum in her sports attire – and fans weren’t very impressed.

One viewer tweeted: “#Emmerdale Ellis is every bit as creepy as his dad.”

Another wrote: “Ellis is definitely a perverted Personal Trainer. #Emmerdale.”

Al and Charity had a heart to heart after he caught her snooping around in his documents

A third added: “Ellis preying again first his brothers ex, now his Dad’s #Emmerdale.”

A fourth chimed in: “Ellis, you dirty dog #Emmerdale.”

The pair got even closer after their workout as Ellis told Priya: “I would never hurt you like my dad did.”

The hunk even cheekily offered for Priya to use his shower.

And after Al had a heart to heart with Charity Dingle about family, Al picked up the phone to call his son to make amends – but he didn’t pick up.

Did Priya take up his offer?

Last night fans were also left in tears after Amy Metcalfe begged Cain Dingle not to abandon baby Frankie in a desperate plea. 

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