Emmerdale fans break down in tears as Dan Spencer decides to put daughter Amelia into care after horror accident


EMMERDALE viewers have broken down in tears after Dan Spencer finally admitted he couldn’t care for daughter Amelia and said he would place her in care.

The mechanic – who is played by actor Liam Fox in the ITV soap – sobbed as he unloaded onto Marlon Dingle about the truth horror of their lives in recent months.

Amelia was left unconscious after the horror accident

Dan has been unable to work for months since Brenda accidentally poisoned him with almonds in the cafe, causing him to suffer a seizure and damage his back.

He was left partially paralysed and unable to do much for himself.

Caring responsibilities fell to his young daughter Amelia who was forced to skip school to cook, clean and wash her ailing father.

The teenager even resorted to stealing to buy food because Dan couldn’t afford to feed them.

She has broken her arm trying to help Dan do his job
Dan was unable to help her and realises that she needs to be in care

He was unable to work due to his disability and his benefits claim was rejected on a technicality leaving the family destitute.

In tonight’s episode Al Chapman found Dan screaming for help and Amelia unconscious with a broken arm after he tried to get her to do his job as a mechanic for some desperately needed cash.

She slipped and trapped her arm in a car engine and when Dan jumped up to help her he injured his back further and was left unable to move.

They were rushed to hospital where they tried to cover up what had really happened.

But when Marlon arrived to see how they were, Dan couldn’t lie any longer.

And despite Amelia begging him not to, Dan told Marlon how they couldn’t afford to eat and how he had no option now but to confess all and put Amelia into care where she would be looked after.

As Amelia sobbed and begged him not to, Dan told her: “I don’t want to lose you either and I nearly did today.

“It’s about giving you a proper life. You’re entitled to better than this and we’ve just got to start thinking about it. You’re better off without me.”

Viewers broke down in tears at the scenes as Amelia cried about being separated from her dad.