EastEnders Fans Fear for Suki and Eve as Nish Discovers Their Affair


Nish Finds Footage of Suki and Eve's Secret Kiss

In a shocking twist, Nish, the controlling abuser on EastEnders, stumbled upon footage of his wife, Suki, kissing Eve in the latest episode of the BBC soap.

Suki and Eve's Plan to Escape Nish's Control

Suki and Eve had been planning to leave Walford and start a new life in Brighton, away from Nish's influence.

Suki's Plan Unraveled

Nish discovered Suki's plan to deal with Priya and her blackmail, and he ruined it by revealing to Priya that she would be moving back in with them.

Priya Backs Down, Changing the Game

Priya initially insisted on getting her cash from Suki, but after a conversation with Ravi, she had a change of heart and decided to let it go.

Nish Makes a Shocking Discovery

While reviewing the footage from the Minute Mart, Nish stumbles upon the passionate kiss between Suki and Eve.

The Escape Plan Unfolds

Unaware that Nish is watching the incriminating footage, Suki and Eve make plans to meet at the tube station for their new life.

Fans Fear for Suki and Eve's Safety

With Nish's history of violence, fans are worried about what he might do to Suki and Eve now that he knows about their affair.

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