Emmerdale fans convinced DAVID is the dad of paedo Mayas baby not abused schoolboy Jacob


EMMERDALE fans are convinced David is the dad of paedo teacher Maya’s baby – and not abused schoolboy Jacob.

Viewers are convinced Jacob’s dad fathered the unborn child after it was revealed during last night’s show that Maya’s expecting.

Maya showed off her baby bump during last night’s Emmerdale

One fan wrote on social media: “Its got to be David, much more potential story wise.”

Another said: “There’s more soapy drama to be had by having David father a child with the woman who groomed his stepson.”

A third added: “Oh nooooo whos the daddy? I bet my money on it being David, just to make the situation even more weirder.”

Maya returned to the Dales last night in a shock twist.

She returned to the village after a stint in prison

Viewers were left stunned just before the hour-long episode came to a close, when the paedo was shown hugging her huge baby bump by the prison gates.

It came after her victim Jacob attempted to call her when David told him shed been released from jail.

After receiving the lovesick voicemail from her former pupil, Maya looked emotionless as she deleted his number at the prison gate.

The camera then panned over her huge pregnancy bump before she disappeared into the dark.

Maya was banged up for having an affair with teenager Jacob
David had an affair with Maya before she groomed Jacob
Jacob is finding it all hard to deal with

Meanwhile, Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David has opened up about where he and Jacob stand after Mayas abuse.

He said: On the surface it seems to be going well. There was never any real animosity between David and Jacob.

“David has never blamed Jacob for anything, he’s blamed Maya for everything. It was just David trying to get through to Jacob that he’d been abused by Maya and it wasn’t love.

“Jacob and Maya are not going to run away to a desert island together once Maya is out of prison, which was always Jacob’s dream. He’s managed to convince Jacob.

“I don’t know what’s happening at the moment, but in the advance scripts that I’ve got, he doesn’t just jump into bed with the next person – which he’s done for most of his life on Emmerdale in the last few years!