Emmerdale Fans Furious with Rhona’s Life-Changing Decision After Kidnapping Baby Ivy


Rhona Runs Away with Ivy

Emmerdale fans are expressing their anger towards Rhona Goskirk after she made a life-altering choice to kidnap baby Ivy. Last week, Rhona took drastic action when her ex-partner Gus revealed his plans to move to France with their daughter.

Plan to Start a New Life in Canada

Rhona ran away with Ivy and reached out to Vanessa Woodfield in Canada for help. However, viewers were shocked that Rhona would leave behind her partner Marlon and their children April and Leo.

Vanessa Confronts Rhona

In tonight's episode, Vanessa tried to reason with Rhona, telling her that kidnapping a child was not the solution she had in mind. But Rhona was determined to keep Ivy, who was born from stolen frozen embryos.

Rhona's Unsettling Plan

Rhona asked Vanessa to help her start a new life in Canada, but Vanessa pointed out the consequences of leaving her family and entire life behind. Rhona insisted that she wanted Marlon and the children to join them once they were settled.

Viewer Outrage

Emmerdale viewers took to social media to express their disbelief and frustration with Rhona's plan. Many found it unrealistic and criticized her for abandoning her responsibilities, especially towards Leo, who has a disability.

Intervention and Arrest

In the end, Vanessa informed Marlon and Rhona's mother about their location, prompting Marlon to intervene. However, before they could leave, Gus arrived with the police and Rhona was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping.

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