Emmerdale Fans Upset with “Lazy Writing” as Soap Character Goes Missing


Emmerdale fans are expressing their frustration with the show's writers after a recent episode featured the disappearance of one of the show's longest-running stars. While viewers were excited to see Vanessa Woodfield return to the ITV soap, they couldn't help but criticize the portrayal of another character.

Marlon's Inaction Draws Criticism

The latest episode of Emmerdale saw Rhona 'kidnap' her biological daughter Ivy and go into hiding. Despite her disappearance, fans were more focused on Marlon, Rhona's husband, and his lack of effort in finding her. Viewers were perplexed by Marlon's inaction, as he only left voicemail messages and didn't make a genuine attempt to locate his wife and daughter.

Fans Call Out "Lazy Writing"

Emmerdale fans took to social media to express their frustration with Marlon's passive response. One fan criticized the show's writers for portraying Marlon as a "helpless buffoon" and compared his lack of action to Vanessa's ability to locate Rhona almost instantly. They called it "lazy writing" and urged the show to improve.

A Surprise Return

The episode ended with Rhona packing her belongings when she heard a knock on her door. At the same time, Marlon was arguing with Gus, who planned to report the kidnapping to the police. To everyone's surprise, Vanessa Woodfield appeared at Rhona's door with her son Johnny. Viewers were thrilled to see Vanessa back in the village and took to social media to express their excitement.

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