Emmerdale fans in shock as Kim Tate exposes Caleb Miligan with a surprising ally


EMMERDALE fans are in shock after Kim Tate confronted Caleb Miligan – and revealed a secret ally.

The multi-millionaire businesswoman – who is played by actress Claire King in the ITV soap – has been the target of Caleb’s evil plan to take all her money out of revenge for her part in his dad Frank Tate’s death.

Caleb was rumbled in a shock twist on Emmerdale

Kim was working with Cain

With Nicky having confessed his secret sexuality and calling off the wedding, Gabby was heartbroken and stormed through Home Farm letting Will and Kim know.

Unfortunately Caleb also heard and he tracked Nicky down and attacked him and put a new plan into action.

He demanded Nicky take the fall for stealing Kim’s millions and flee the country – for good.

Caleb then went back into the house and waited until Kim left the room to give him a chance to grab her laptop and drain her accounts.

But as Caleb logged into Kim’s account he was stunned to find it empty.

And as Kim walked back into the room, he catapulted out of the chair before asking her if she’d found Gabby.

“Didn’t look,” Kim replied to a confused Caleb. “I just stood outside that door long enough for you to get your little shock.”

But as Caleb tried to feign confusion, Kim told him: “Caleb, please, have some dignity. Know when to give up. 

“Every penny you intended to steal is safely hidden away in accounts that you are very definitely not getting access to.”

She added: “You’re worried I’ve called the police.”

And as Cain walked in to hear Caleb’s ramblings about Kim being drunk, Kim decided to reveal all.

“I didn’t by the way call the police, just Cain… who knows everything,” she told him as Cain threw him to the floor.

Fans are in shock at the twist.

One wrote: “What a brilliant final scene. Caleb is busted.”

A second said: “Cain and Kim working together! Love that!”

Another added: “Never underestimate Kim… Caleb dumb foolery.”

She proved she was not to be messed with