Emmerdale fans left hot under the collar as Nate strips to his underwear and romps with ex Tracy

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FANS were left flustered as hunky Nate Robinson stripped down to nothing but his underwear in tonight’s edition of Emmerdale. 

Fans of the ITV soap saw Nate (Jurell Carter) come face-to-face with his former lover Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) when she arrived back in the Dales suddenly last week. 

Nate (Jurell Carter) left viewers sweating as he stripped to just his underwear

Nate and Tracy gave into passion

Nate was delighted to be reunited with daughter Frankie after months apart but was soon left in an awkward predicament after he hid the news from his new girlfriend Naomi. 

But things got a whole lot more complicated for Nate in tonight’s episode of the show as he found himself in a rather compromising position with Tracy.

Nate arrived at Tracy’s house planning to spend some one-on-one time with little Frankie. 

Tracy informed her ex she had just put Frankie down for a nap as she made a cup of tea for the two of them. 

Unbeknownst to Nate, Tracy has been hiding the secret that she is engaged to a man named Ollie who she met while she way away. 

Tracy talks to Nate about his dying grandmother Faith in a bid to avoid bringing up the subject.

Nate questions her, saying: “Is that why you asked me round, to ask about Faith.”

An awkward Tracy responds: “Erm, partly yeah, well, the thing is…”

Tracy is saved by the bell as Frankie’s cries can be heard on the baby monitor but its not long until after another awkward conversation about Nate’s relationship status leads to a passionate moment between the pair. 

As Tracy tells Nate she is ‘really happy’ for him the ex-lovers are seen gazing into each other’s eyes before they rush to embrace each other with a steamy kiss. 

Before long, the camera pans to show a nearly nude Nate sat on the sofa as Tracy sorts out her trousers after the pair give into temptation. 

With his abs on full display, the duo make cringing small talk before Tracy admits: “I thought if I started talking, something sensible might come out.”

As Nate chuckles and the pair begin to relax, Vanessa can be heard outside the house preparing to come in.

A flustered Tracy tells Nate: “Hide! Okay, hide!”

In a scramble, Nute runs to the bottom of the stairs in his black underwear about to head up before Tracy hurriedly shouts: “Not the stairs, the back.”

Nate quickly rushes out as Tracy pretends to be asleep for Vanessa’s arrival.

But it’s not long before Vanessa hears Nate’s phone ring and spies his trousers on the floor that the pair discover they have been rumbled. 

The hot and steamy scene got viewers going as one said: “Nate.. what a treat!”

Another exclaimed: “Nate & Tracey oh my days!”

A third added: “Awwww Nate.”

As Vanessa looks away from a semi-naked Nate, he agreed to come around another time to spend time with Frankie as Tracy looks on.

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