Emmerdale fans spot huge blunder as Clemmie runs away from Home Farm

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CLEMMIE lashed out in anger after finding out Dawn Fletcher was expecting a baby.

Terrified of the repercussions, the young girl ran away leaving Emmerdale fans with a handful of questions after a huge blunder.

Wednesday’s Emmerdale episode ended with Clemmie leaving Home Farm

She found out Dawn was pregnant

And she became terrified she could be sent away again

After Gabby Thomas’ ill-fated wedding, Home Farm inhabitants needed good news to cheer them up.

This came quickly in the form of Dawn Fletcher (portrayed by Olivia Bromley) announcing she was pregnant with Billy Fletcher’s child.

But while they were over the moon, the couple decided to keep the news a secret from Dawn’s son Lucas and his half-sister Clemmie (Mabel Addison) to not cast a shadow of the young girl’s birthday.

Clemmie blew out her candles during last night’s trip to the Dales but the she was left subdued by thoughts of her late mother Beth.

Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) then showed up in Home Farm with a birthday card for little Clemmie – which sent a heartbroken Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) into a spiral.

Gabby let slip that Dawn and Billy were expecting a child, making Clemmie fear for her place in the family.

In a devastating outburst, the eight-year-old pushed a chair into Dawn’s belly, prompting Billy (Jay Kontzle) to take her to hospital.

The lovebirds sighed in relief when their baby showed no signs of being harmed and they returned home with the firm intention of making Clemmie’s birthday a special occasion the following day.

Sadly, a guilt-ridden Clemmie decided to cut to the chase by quietly leaving Home Farm in the night, unbeknownst to anybody.

But as the most recent instalment of the soap ended, ITV viewers immediately turned to Twitter believing Clemmie got away too easily.

Some fans couldn’t believe Kim Tate hadn’t installed an alarm system in her luxurious estate, particularly as many people in the eponymous village have it out for her.

“Surely Kim is the type to have door alarms & cctv”, one soap viewer commented.

Another penned: “surely Home Farm would have an alarm”, and a third viewer jumped in: “As if a house of that size & value wouldn’t have a full alarm system.”

“Clemmie is leaving home. Bye Bye”, a fourth one wrote.

One questioned: “Has Clemmie done a runner?”, while one final viewer added: “Why did they turn Clemmie into the evil child?”

Clemmie was taken in by Dawn and Billy last year following the death of her mother Beth.

It soon transpired that Clemmie’s father was none other than Alex Moore, Dawn’s former partner, making the little girl Lucas’ half-sister.

But since her arrival in Home Farm, Clemmie has had a hard time fitting in with the rest of her family.

She once lashed out against Lucas before Kim Tate got involved.

Will Dawn and Billy find her?

Like her brother Lucas, can she warm up to the idea of a new baby in the family?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Clemmie has had issues adapting to her new life

Can she warm up to the idea of a new baby?
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