Emmerdale shock as two more characters quit the village as they flee abroad


EMMERDALE has aired a shock double exit as two characters fled the village tonight.

The ITV has been losing characters left, right and centre over the last month with four deaths and three other exits.

Amy Wyatt grabbed hers and Kyle’s passports in Wednesday night’s Emmerdale

She booked a taxi for herself and her son to the airport

But now Amy Wyatt has taken her killer son Kyle and fled abroad.

In tonight’s episode Kyle was struggling with the guilt of having killed Al Chapman.

Viewers know he accidentally shot Al while the businessman was in a brutal fight with Kyle’s dad Cain Dingle.

Cain decided to take the blame for the killing, pleading guilty to murder in court.

He told 10-year-old Kyle that he had to be strong and keep the secret and get on with his life.

But within a day he’d cracked and confessed all to his mum Amy Wyatt.

Meanwhile Cain was forced to tell wife Moira the truth so she could protect Kyle while he was locked up.

In tonight’s episode the two women finally spoke and realised they both knew the truth.

And with Kyle struggling with bed-wetting and nightmares about what happened, they decided to do everything they could to help him.

But when Amy got a call from his school because Kyle had been fighting she went to pick him up.

And when he told her that the fight wasn’t a big deal because he’d “done worse” she realised that he couldn’t keep his secret much longer.

Hatching a secret plan she told Moira that she was going to take Kyle to stay at hers for the night, but packed a bag for him.

And then she hunted down his passport and fled for the airport with Kyle.

It is not known when or if the two will return to the village and viewers are in shock.

One wrote: “Airport! Where they going?”

A second said: “Amy is running away with Kyle!!! #Emmerdale!”

Another added: “Amy and Kyle are fleeing #Emmerdale!”

The school had called Amy to say Kyle had been fighting

She realised she had to take action when Kyle said he’d ‘done worse’
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