Emmerdale spoilers: Ethan Hencote devastated by cruel twist in his search for his missing mum


ETHAN Hencote is floored by cruel twist in his search for his long-lost mum next week in Emmerdale. 

Ethan tells Victoria that his mum left him when he was three this week – and that he wants to find her.

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Ethan asks Manpreet to go with him when he meets his mother

Next week, Manpreet is taken aback when Ethan asks her if she’ll go with him to see his mother. 

Ethan is upset when he receives a text from his mum

Ethan is devastated when she doesn’t turn up but pleased he’s made peace with Manpreet.

When Ethan texts his mum asking why she didn’t turn up, he’s hurt by her reply. 

Meena sends Manpreet over to comfort him and she encourages him to tell his father about the search for his mother, but asks him not to mention her. 

Does Manprett know more about Ethan’s mother than she’s letting on?

Charles asks Manpreet if she knows what’s bothering Ethan but she lies
Manpreet urges Ethan to tell Charles about his search for his mother

Viewers know that Manpreet was exposed as living a double life when her ex Charles arrived in the village earlier this year. 

The vicar addressed her as Saira and accused her of vanishing from his and Ethan’s lives 15 years ago.

It later emerged that Ethan had considered her as his mother, and was devastated when she disappeared.

Speaking about Ethan’s reaction when he first saw Manpreet in the village, actor Emile John – who plays Ethan – revealed: “All the trauma and pain from not one absent mother but two will all come flooding back to him. 

“He’s going to need to tell her exactly how he feels to relinquish that pain. He is going to need to say exactly how he feels.”

Speaking about Ethan’s ordeal when Manpreet went missing, Charles actor Kevin Mathurin added: “Ethan was traumatised by the whole ordeal; he was old enough to know that she was important to their lives and went missing. 

“It took a lot for Charles to protect and raise him through that.”

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