Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona terrified as she discovers rapist Pierce Harris is out of prison and has been in her house


RHONA will be terrified when she finally cottons on to rapist Pierces return and realises that hes been stalking her.

The murderer – who is played by actor Jonathan Wrather in the BBC soap – was in prison for raping Rhona and kept his early release secret in order to get away with murdering her boyfriend Graham.

Ryan drops a bombshell on Rhona

Emmerdale fans will know that Pierce was imprisoned for raping Rhona on their wedding day and sentenced to five years in prison.

Upon his early release, hes been hanging around the village and walking through Rhonas house while Rhona, Vanessa and Paddy are only feet away.

Fans were also shocked when Pierce stroked Rhonas face while she was sleeping – without waking her up.

Pierce wants Rhona all to himself – which is why he murdered Graham in a shock twist – and is now set on whisking her away from the village.

Ryan tells Rhona something that could change everything

In an upcoming episode, with Vanessa taken hostage and tied up, Pierce continues to hatch his evil plan as he spies on Rhona through the window of Mulberry.

Meanwhile, Vanessa struggles to free herself and continue her search for Johnny.

Later, Pierce insists that hes changed and that Rhona will take him back – and Vanessa cant believe how delusional he is.

Pierce has been stalking Rhona

Later in the week, Paddys disturbed when Rhona tells him Pierce is out of prison and has been contacting her.

Hes horrified when she shows him the card she found in her house from Pierce.

Rhona is terrified of what Pierce might do if she comes face to face with the villain.

As Rhona is begging Charity to reconcile with Vanessa – who they both think has left Charity

and gone on holiday – Ryan reveals something that could change everything.

Rhona debates whether to go to prison with the bombshell Ryan has dropped.