Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy Metcalfe blackmails Amy Wyatt over Frank’s death


EMMERDALE will revisit Frank Clayton’s death next week as his daughter Tracy Metcalfe blackmails his killer Amy Wyatt.

The conman died in an explosion at the factory last year caused by a fire started by Amy and her mum Kerry Wyatt.

Tracy will blackmail Amy next week

Tracy was forced to let go of her rage at the pair when an altercation left Kerry fighting for her life in hospital, but next week when she sees Amy on a date with Matty Barton, she sees red.

She becomes determined to put a stop to it and blackmails Amy telling her to leave Matty alone or she will tell him what she did.

Last week Marlon drove a wedge between Matty and Amy last week when he tried to sabotage Al’s business. 

Marlon overheard Al boasting about the success of the Hide’s takeaway service and decided to take matters into his hands, stashing one of Al’s pizza box deliveries in the boot of his car. 

Marlon invites Matty and Amy to pizza tasting
Amy is gutted when she realises Marlon has invited others

But the chef was left regretting his actions when he discovered that Al was threatening to sack Amy for the missing delivery.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Malone grow determined to bring Amy and Matty back together after realising his trick last week drove a wedge between the pair. 

When Marlon invites Amy to a pizza tasting with him and Matty, an excited Amy agrees. 

Later, Marlon tells Paddy about his plan and Paddy suggests he invites some others to make the event less awkward. 

But Amy isn’t best pleased when she arrives and sees that Marlon has invited a bunch of other people along. 

Tracy dampens Amy’s hopes of dating Matty

Things worsen when Tracy arrives and there’s clearly tension between her and Amy.

The next day, Tracy dampens Amy’s hopes of dating Matty. 

Will she put Amy off once and for all?

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