Emmerdales Bernice dumps Dr Liam over the phone from Australia after he cheats on her with Leyla


EMMERDALE’S Dr Liam Cavanagh is now free to date Leyla Harding – after being dumped over the phone by Bernice Blackstock.

The dishy doc kissed Leyla in the salon in the first part of tonight’s two-parter and wasted no time in owning up about what he had done.

Liam reveals he was dumped on the phone by Bernice

His guilt went into overdrive when she sent him a beautiful watch bearing the words: “Separated by distance, united by love. Liam and Bernice forever.”

The Christmas present has only just arrived because it travelled all the way from Australia, where Bernice headed last month calling off her wedding to Liam in the process.

However, they have stayed together, keeping up a long-distance relationship – until tonight.

Leyla had been talking about their illicit kiss, saying she felt like a love-sick teen while he was away fretting about what he had done.

Leyla tried to look upset for Liam, but sneakily smiled at the news

She said: “I kissed him – and he kissed me back. It was good – until he ran out of here saying he was committed to Bernice.

“I’m mooning over him like some silly lovesick teenager.”

However, she had good news in the pipeline, with Liam later marching over and admitting things were over between him and his fiance.

He told Leyla: “I couldn’t keep her in the dark any longer. I just got off the phone with Bernice.

It follows their surprise kiss earlier tonight

“I had an honest conversation – I told her everything. It’s over. She ended our relationship.”

But while he looked upset, Leyla appeared to be struggling to contain her delight – and viewers now believe they’re heading for a relationship.

One wrote: “I am absolutely, 100% here for Liam and Leyla. #Emmerdale.”

Another tweeted: “Leyla and Liam are probably a sweet couple in the making but isn’t a bit soon Bernice has been gone only a few weeks. #Emmerdale.”