Former EastEnders Star Charlie Winter Pursues Singing Career


Charlie Winter, best known for his role as Hunter Owen in EastEnders, has decided to leave acting behind and explore a career in music. Since his exit from the soap in 2018, Charlie has been making waves as a singer, drawing comparisons to none other than Justin Bieber.

From Soap Star to Songbird

After bidding farewell to EastEnders, Charlie Winter set his sights on a music career. The 27-year-old has been honing his singing skills and is now ready to share his talent with the world. Since starting his musical journey, Charlie has already received some impressive comparisons.

Praise from Fans

Charlie recently shared a clip of himself singing at home, inviting his followers to comment on his performance. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with fans drawing parallels to acclaimed artists. One fan likened Charlie to Justin Bieber, while another compared him to Justin Timberlake. A third fan eagerly asked for Charlie to release his music as soon as possible.

A Dramatic Soap Exit

Before launching his singing career, Charlie Winter captivated audiences with his portrayal of Hunter Owen in EastEnders. The character, the son of Steve Owen, was involved in gripping storylines, including becoming a killer himself. Hunter's dramatic demise came after he was shot by the police for his crimes. Charlie's final scene took place in the heart of Albert Square, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Will Charlie Winter be as successful a singer as he was a soap star? Only time will tell, but if the comparisons to Justin Bieber are anything to go by, we may have a rising star on our hands.

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