Hollyoaks’ Celeste and Toby actors DIDN’T know about triplets twist until AFTER they started filming shock plot


HOLLYOAKS star Bobby Gordon has revealed he and co-star Andrea Ali had no idea they were playing Martine’s secret children until they began filming the shock plot.

The actor – who plays Toby Faroe in the Channel 4 soap – has revealed the shock twist that he and Andrea were playing Mitchell’s triplets came as a shock to even them.

The actors had no idea who they were really playing until after they started filming

So carefully guarded was the secret kept that the actors weren’t told until after they had begun filming their debuts on the soap.

Speaking exclusively to HOAR Online, Bobby said: “I got the job and the brief obviously can’t be what the character will be in case you say something you shouldn’t, but I was aware that he’s going to be a new person in town.

“Maybe a business owner, and then when I got in and started to meet people, as we were leading into me getting here they dropped a few hints, and then finally I found out I was Mitchell’s twin.”

And he added that secret triplet Celeste is the driving force behind their plan to take revenge on Martine.

The actors play Mitchell’s secret siblings

He added: “The thing about Celeste is she’s gorgeous, she knows how to talk, she’s confident, she’s got that kind of vibe about her.

“And that has been the key component which has let her mould Toby into the person he is now.

“Because they were able to grow up together, they’ve found a lot of dependency on Celeste and with him finding out all this information about his family, because of where they were before Celeste is the most qualified person to help him get what he wants. She definitely walks and talks the talk.”

Viewers were in shock last night after it was revealed Toby and Celeste were not only not married – but that Celeste is Martine’s third baby.

It will soon emerge that the siblings grew up in the same house, in terrible circumstances, but were kept separate throughout their lives until they became older and the house burned down.

* Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm with a first look episode following at 7pm on E4