Hollyoaks fans convinced Warren or JESSE shot Mercedes and Liams covering it up


HOLLYOAKS fans are convinced that Warren or JESSE shot Mercedes – and that Liam is covering it up.

Viewers were left shocked when the pub owner, played by Jennifer Metcalfe, was shot and left for dead in the nightclub earlier this week.

Mercedes was shot earlier this week

It was believed that the scheming character was ambushed by one of her seven enemies in the E4 instalment, but now fans are going more left-field with their theories.

While James Nightingale, Grace Black, Breda McQueen, Sylver McQueen, Liam Donovan, Joel Dexter and Diane Hutchinson all in the frame for the attempted murder, it has been speculated that the mystery assailant could be somebody a little more random.

The shooting happened around the same time that Hollyoaks revealed a first look at Warren’s return after actor Jamie Lomas underwent a dramatic makeover.

The gangster is set to make a full-time comeback, and the grisly attack could be the perfect storyline to bring him back for.

Warren is a new suspect
A first look at the gangster’s new image was revealed earlier this week

Warren is Joel’s dad, with Joel one of the main suspects after his feud with Mercedes about her hit and run.

One fan wrote on a forum: “You can almost guarantee it wont be one of the 7 main suspects. It’ll be Warren or something.”

Another tweeted: “Bet its Warren who shot Mercedes.”

Warren also would have access to the loft where she was shot as he used to own the property, acting as more evidence that he could be a key person of interest.

Ambushed Mercedes has seven main suspects

Suspect Liam’s brother, Jesse, is also under question – with fans pointing out that he could have wanted to get revenge after Mercedes devastated Liam by bragging that she’d aborted his baby.

She also ran over Liam and Jesse’s half-sister Grace in shock scenes.

One fan wrote: “I’ve seen a lot of people suggest Jesse as the shooter, and that does make sense.

“Given he would want revenge for Liam and Grace.”

Another speculated: “It would be something if Jesse shot Mercedes I mean she ran over Grace and did his brother wrong.”

A third tweeted: “I have a feeling it’s Jesse that shoots Mercedes I don’t know why.”

Viewers also think that Liam could be covering for his little brother’s crime, with one detailing: “Perhaps Liam went to the loft, saw Mercedes and checked on her hence the blood on his clothes.

“He then checks the CCTV and sees who it was. He then destroys/gets rid of the CCTV to protect the shooter – Jesse.

Jesse is also a new suspect after Mercedes did his half-sister and brother wrong

“Be interesting to see the interaction between the two moving forward.

“If that’s right, whether Jesse knows that Liam knows and Liam tells him and says he got rid of the evidence and will protect him, or whether he doesn’t tell Jesse he knows he did it….”

Another had the same idea, explaining: “I bet it was Jesse!

“Liam went to the club saw Mercedes lent over her body hence the reason he has blood on him went and checked the CCTV saw it was Jesse so wiped the CCTV.”

Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm with a first look episode following at 7pm on E4