Hollyoaks Stephanie Davis reveals high functioning autism was behind her alcoholism


STEPHANIE Davis has bravely admitted she has high functioning autism, adding that she used alcohol to calm her anxiety.

Hollyoaks actress Stephanie, 26, has said she used to”self-medicate” and “drink a bottle of wine” before going out to bars for the evening because of the condition.

Stephanie Davis has revealed she has high functioning autism
The star opened up about her diagnosis in a brave YouTube video
The Hollyoaks actress said that she has ‘self-medicated’ in the past with booze
Stephanie has previously received treatment in rehab for alcoholism

Steph made the confession in a heartfelt YouTube video, telling her followers that the thought of social situations would make her “sweat, tantrum and cry”.

She said:“I’ve been diagnosed with a few mental health issues, I’m not ready to talk about all of them yet – I don’t know if I ever will be.

“I have high functioning autism.”

Stephanie continued: “When I was younger, the thought of going to bar I had never been to before was horrific.

Stephanie said that her social anxiety would result in her previously drinking an entire bottle of wine
The star was famously sacked from Hollyoaks in 2015 for turning up to work drunk

“I would have to drink a bottle of wine before I went out.I do believe I’ve self-medicated now a lot because of the anxiety.

“I would sweat and would be feeling sick and I would have a tantrum like a three-year-old.

“I would throw myself on the bed, crying my eyes out, then I would try and get myself ready and would drink a bottle of wine to try and calm my nerves.”

Stephanie, who also said she has ADHD, said it was so bad that she would often feel like an “alien” in social situations.

Stephanie is mum to son Caben, two
Last week, she revealed a giant tattoo on her leg which reflects on her past battle with booze

The star, who debuted her giant leg tattoo last week reflecting on her past addiction, added: “That’s why I drank a lot more, because I found it so exhausting.

“The next day, I would have an emotional hangover. It was all too much.

“I’ve always hated busy [places] unless I was drinking, then I could just about get through it.”

Stephanie, who says she particularly struggles with going to new places, shared a link to her emotive video on Twitter.

She told her followers: “So, Ive started a new blog on YouTube. To talk about one of my recent diagnosis.

“I feel really nervous about this, Im at the moment trying to get to know my self for the first time ever. Its like the jigsaw pieces have finally fitted together.

“For all my life Ive never felt like Ive fitted in.”

Stephanie is now single after splitting with her co-star Owen Warner

Steph famously had her Hollyoaks contract terminated in 2015 after she arrived on set drunk.

Following that, she entered into a toxic relationship with Jeremy McConnell, who she met on Celebrity Big Brother, and had her son Caben with him.

But at the end of 2017, Stephanie – who says she suffered PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after her split with Jeremy – sought treatment in rehab centre and turned her life around.

Stephanie entered rehab after her toxic relationship with Jeremy McConnell ended

She then continued with weekly rehab sessions after Hollyoaks offered her a second chance in 2018, which saw her return to the soap as Sinead O’Connor.

This week, Stephanie was forced to confirm she had not quit the soap after Sinead failed to turn up to her own wedding.

Taking to Twitter, Steph reassured fans: “Ive not gone anywhere don’t you worryyy! I Cannot WAIIITTT to get back.

“I’ve not left, Im just having a well earned rest and took some time out to spend with my baby boy.

“It’s my home! Get me back behind that camera.”