I’m A Celebrity in fix row as fans claim show is ‘set up’ for Emmerdale’s Danny Miller to win


I’M A Celebrity is facing its first fix row as viewers claim the show is “set up” for Emmerdale’s Danny Miller to win.

Viewers have been seeing more of Danny, 30, than some of the other contestants in the line-up – with the theory being that the more camera time you get, the more likely you are to win.

I’m A Celeb viewers think the show is fixed to allow Danny to win after last night’s first eating trial
Snoochie managed to keep her meals down despite getting extra disgusting ‘sides’

What’s more, the soap star was scrutinised by fans who said he got an easy ride in last night’s first eating trial.

The Dreaded Diner task saw the new dad devouring cow teats and pig brain and competing against radio DJ Snoochie Shy to win meals for his camp.

At one point the pair were forced to each spin a wheel that could potentially upgrade their meal to a “meal with sides”.

Danny managed to swerve adding any extra disgusting dishes to his round, while Snoochie was forced to drink a blended pig’s uterus and eat vomit fruit.

Over five rounds, they consumed dishes with titles such as Grot Dog, Sneeze Burger and Savel-Eye and Chips before arriving at a tie-break.

Presenters Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly then explained they would be drinking a Van Hella milkshake of blended fermented tofu and the first person to down the drink would win.

Danny was quickest and returned to The Clink triumphant – earning meals for his fellow inmates.

But people watching at home said the trial had been unfair on Snoochie, who dived into each dish with enthusiasm – while Danny vomited in almost every round.

One fan reacted on Twitter: “That meal or no meal spin was so set up for Danny 😂

One more said: “That eating trial was a fix! The meal wheel stopped and then moved backwards for Danny so he didn’t have to do it, and then he didn’t keep all the meals down either, and he had the easier meal options #ImACeleb #fixed #fake”

Another said: “Danny didn’t deserve to win that trial. Sorry but there did appear to be unfair bias in Danny’s favour. #ImACeleb”

And one more claimed: “It’s almost as if they were surprised that their rigged wheel didn’t work first time around!! #ImACelebrity #ImACeleb”

And elsewhere in the episode, viewers saw Danny speaking about his “man crush” on fellow inmate David Ginola.

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The Emmerdale star found himself gazing at retired footballer David doing press-ups and chopping wood before admitting his feelings.

Danny later admitted in the Telegraph where the contestants speak to the cameras: “I think I’ve got a man crush on David Ginola. There, I’ve said it.

“I was just watching him then and just found myself like a little American teen high school girl just looking at him like, ‘Look at him chopping that wood’.

The actor also admitted his crush to fellow Clink campmate Arlene Phillip.

“Wow, David is immense,” Arlene sighed.

Danny replied: “He’s incredible, isn’t he? I think I’ve got a man crush.”

Arlene told Danny that she believes the French footballing legend is in a ‘top 10 crushes’ list.

“Oh, god yeah,” Danny agreed. “He’s gotta be.”