Jenny Connor devastated by Ronnie Bailey’s betrayal in Coronation Street


Former pub landlady heartbroken as plans to replace the Rovers Return with flats are revealed

Jenny Connor, portrayed by Sally Ann Matthews, has been fighting to save the iconic Rovers Return pub in Coronation Street. However, her hopes are shattered when she discovers that Ronnie Bailey has made arrangements to turn the pub into flats. Previously, Jenny and her employees were forced out of the Rovers, leaving them devastated. Now, with the pub's future uncertain, viewers are left wondering what the pub staff's next move will be.

Is there hope for the Rovers?

The Rovers Return has been a cause for concern for Jenny ever since it was shut down by Waterford's earlier this year. Despite her efforts, the pub remained closed, leaving Jenny and her employees without a home. Soap boss Iain MacLeod had previously hinted at changes for the pub, and now, in upcoming scenes on ITV, Ronnie Bailey reveals that he has received a call from a property developer friend about converting the Rovers into flats. While Ed Bailey is thrilled, Debbie Webster warns that the entire Street will be against the building project. The tension escalates as Glenda Shuttleworth leads a "Save the Rovers Campaign" and the pub staff witnesses the builders filing out of the pub. Jenny, feeling betrayed by Ronnie, is heartbroken at the thought of losing the Rovers.

What's next for Jenny and the Rovers?

The future of the Rovers may not be as bleak as it seems. Soap boss Iain MacLeod assures fans that the pub will not remain closed for long, revealing that it will reopen on New Year's Eve. However, there's a twist. The circumstances of the pub's reopening are tied to Stephen's legacy, with someone resorting to a potentially criminal act to obtain the keys and reopen the pub. While Jenny is forced to stay away from her venue, a recent social media post by Claire Sweeney, who plays Cassie Plummer, hints that Jenny will soon be back behind the bar. But the question remains: how will she reclaim the Rovers?

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