Kidnapping shock as Sharon Watts’ son Albie goes missing in EastEnders


The residents of Albert Square are in for a terrifying Halloween as Sharon Watts experiences every parent's worst nightmare – her son is kidnapped.

A Desperate Plan

Keanu Taylor, Albie's father, and his mother Karen hatch a desperate plan after learning that Sharon is planning to leave Albert Square and take Albie with her.

A Race Against Time

As the Square prepares for Halloween, Keanu asks Sharon if he can take Albie out before they leave for Abu Dhabi. But when she refuses, Keanu's impulsive actions lead to dire consequences.

A Sinister Threat

A mysterious man named Dorian Gates threatens Sharon and demands payment for an event. Keanu steps in and the situation escalates, leaving Sharon feeling betrayed.

A Heartbreaking Disappearance

Sharon's anger turns to panic when Keanu returns without Albie and reveals that he has gone missing. As the police launch an investigation, Sharon and Keanu fear the worst.

A Race Against Time

With a ransom note demanding £50,000, Sharon and Keanu are left wondering who is behind the kidnapping and if Albie is in danger.

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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