New Eastenders trailer hints Keanu is ALIVE and Linda helped fake his death


A NEW Eastenders trailer has hinted that Keanu is ALIVE – and Linda helped fake his death.

An explosive Christmas Day episodesuggested Martin had shot and killed Keanu after his affair with Phil’s wife Sharon was exposed.

A teaser trailer has suggested Linda was involved

But all is not quite as it seems, as EastEnders released a sneaky preview with the caption: “All will be revealed. New Years Day, in a special flashback episode.”

The video shows the message “family means everything…” before the words, “lies, secrets, giving, taking and revenge” flash up on screen.

Viewers then see Keanu alive, Louise looking shifty and Linda standing next to the grey van.

Martin is seen telling Ben “it’s done” and ordering him to sort out his problem.

Fans are convinced Keanu is alive

Martin is seen telling Ben to sort out his problem

Fans have been sharing their theories online as they countdown to the big reveal.

One said: “So curious as to Lindas part in all this. Maybe shell keep be one of the few that knows the secret that Martin let Keanu go and faked his death.”

Another added: “So those with the theories Ben and Louise faked Keanos murder or Linda’s involvement with the ‘killing’ are possibly true!”

Someone else wondered: “WoW… Ok could it be that Linda knows whats happened to Keanu? Was she also in van that Martin threw Keanu at the back of after hitting him on the head. Explain the blood on her heels? Oh n Ben n Louise have a secret plan B to frighten Keanu enough that he stays away.”

Phil looks at Louise suspiciously
She looks shifty as she takes a deep breath in the Queen Vic

EastEnders was the fourth most-watched show on Christmas Day with 5.47million viewers.

It saw a showdown between Sharon and Phil, Sharon confess her affair with Keanu to punters in the Queen Vic and Ben plot Keanu’s death.

Viewers were shocked when Louise double-crossed Keanu by handing him over to Martin who bundled him into his van.

Things became a little unclear when a creepy old building loomed into shot – with gunfire heard from inside.

Sharon looks distraught

Martin Fowler later emerged looking like he’d just killed a bloke, but we never actually saw the bullet leave the gun.

But although fans don’t see Keanu dead,Martin proves to Ben he bumped him off with phone footage.

But they’ll have to wait until New Year’s Day to discover what exactly happened in flashback episodes.