Seven massive Coronation Street spoilers as Tyrone Dobbs goes after Hope Stape’s groomer

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TYRONE Dobbs goes off the rails this week as he tries to protect both Fiz and Hope Stape from the repercussions of an upcoming book.

But after attacking Nick Tilsley, the Coronation Street mechanic goes too far once again and repercussions could be severe.

Tyrone Dobbs lands himself in serious trouble this week

The mechanic is letting his temper get the best of him

He has already attacked Nick Tilsley

But he will lash out against Hope Stape’s groomer this week

And he will do so in a public setting

The journalist duped Hope into giving him information about her family for his book

1. Tyrone attacks Hope’s groomer

The past continues to haunt Fiz (played by Jennie McAlpine) this week in the cobbles.

Adamant on supporting her, Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) goes to unimaginable lengths, particularly to protect her eleven-year-old daughter Hope (Isabella Flanagan).

However, this leads to devastating consequences and even backfires on him.

Coming up, Fiz and solicitor Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) meet up with the publisher and she implores her to remove Hope’s name from the John Stape book.

In the garage, Tyrone finds a leaflet advertising a Q&A session with the journalist who duped Hope into giving information about her family online.

He later enters the hotel room as the Q&A is in full swing but when the journalist suggests that Fiz was complicit in her late husband’s crimes, Tyrone is unable to contain his anger.

In a blind rage, he climbs on the stage and slaps the journalist round the face.

Tyrone hears from the police

2. Fiz’s family falls apart

The consequences are immediate for Tyrone as the hotel manager calls the police.

Later on, Fiz gets wind of his arrest through Adam and she begs the journalist not to press charges against her partner.

Tyrone is eventually released without charge as Fiz successfully talks the journalist round – and the couple have a huge row.

Fuming, she shows him a video of him assaulting the journalist, asserting that his erratic behaviour has caused the launch date for the book to be pushed forward for the end of the week.

There’s even more trouble ahead for the family and financial woes won’t be excluded.

Adam tries to reassure Fiz and Tyrone by telling them he has spoken to a libel barrister who is willing to take their case.

But there’s an issue – there’s no guarantee they will win the case and they will have to pay £100k.

Hope finds a cardboard cut-out of her serial killer father John

3. Hope faces her father John

To top it all off, Fiz and Tyrone have to find a way to break the news to Hope.

And when they do, Hope rails at the both of them for failing to protect her.

However, Tyrone refuses to give up and goes to drastic measures again to try and save his family from turmoil.

In later scenes, he explains to Fiz he bought up all the stock from the local bookshop, including a cut-out of serial killer John Stape in an attempt to stop people from reading the book.

They’re quickly thrown when Hope lets herself in and Fiz proceeds to hide the John Stape books from her while Tyrone distracts her in the hallway.

Sadly, their efforts are in vain – Hope sulks in the backyard of No.9 and kicks open the door of the outhouse.

She’s stunned to be facing a cardboard cut-out of her real father, John, and a stack of books.

What will she do?

Sam Blakeman is not giving up on seeing Harvey

4. Sam tries to visit Harvey

Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) is not backing off and remains determined to see Harvey Gaskell in prison – even in secret.

While in the Roy’s Rolls café, the young boy explains to Roy Cropper (David Neilson) that he’s been reading about restorative justice, a system focusing on rehabilitating offenders through reconciliation with victims.

Sam goes a step further by telling Roy he wants to visit Harvey in prison and wonders if he’d go with him as Nick refuses.

Roy takes the situation seriously and immediately tells Nick.

Later on, Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) realises Sam may feel the need to visit Harvey to get closure for his mother Natasha’s murder.

The Bistro co-owner urges Nick to consider letting Sam pay Harvey a visit.

How will Nick react?

Bernie Winter also faces legal trouble after being framed for a robbery

5. Bernie finds proof against Fern

Striking an unlikely friendship with Fern (portrayed by former Brookside actress Gabrielle Glaister), Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) frequently impersonated the newcomer.

But the bond turned sour when she realised her doppelganger framed her for a robbery at the jewellers’.

Coming up, Bernie opens a letter and is made aware of the date of her plea hearing.

She later tells Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) that she remains determined to track Fern down.

Pulling up outside a country club and impersonating Fern, Bernie tried to dupe the receptionist into revealing her double’s home address to no avail.

Another club member named Howard soon approaches her, demanding to know who she is.

Bernie makes out that she’s Fern Lindon but Howard doesn’t buy it.

It’s soon revealed that Howard knows more about Fern than Bernie does – she’s none other than his ex-wife.

A desperate Bernie explains to Howard that Fern framed her for a robbery and he’s not surprised.

According to him, Fern is a con artist.

Could he be of help to Bernie as she faces legal charges for a crime she didn’t commit?

Summer Spellman is ready for a fresh start

6. Summer makes shock decision

After finding out she was pregnant with her first child, Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) tries her best to get her ducks in a row.

This week, Summer makes up her mind and decides she won’t be living on Rosamund Street for much longer.

Todd Grimshaw (portrayed by Gareth Pierce) calls at the flat and is shocked to find out that Summer is moving out.

Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) is thus given food for thought and he admits to Todd that he’s been far too overbearing with Summer.

Later on, Todd meddles and tells Summer that Billy is really hurt.

This prompts her to remind Billy how much she loves him and that she will miss living with him.

Summer won’t be moving alone as she’s set for a fresh start in the builder’s yard flat with her boyfriend Aaron (James Craven) and another couple will be joining them.

Despite her mother Tracy’s pleas, Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) and her boyfriend Jacob Hay (Jack James Ryan) move into the flat with Summer and Aaron.

In later scenes, it’s clear this allows Summer to keep her secret as Mike and Esther call on Summer and Aaron.

However, Summer’s secret surrogacy could be exposed when Billy calls at the flat.

Max’s grooming ordeal picks up a pace

7. Max is lured into Griff’s flat

Meanwhile, Max Turner (Paddy Bever) continues to be the target for an extremist group as his grooming storyline continues.

It all picks up a pace when Max and Daryan begin their new jobs at Speed Daal but it doesn’t go as planned.

Max first bumps into Daryan, causing him to drop a pile of cutlery.

The lad is also introduced to newcomer Lauren, whom he speaks to about his first shift at Speed Daal.

In later scenes, she goes to Speed Daal to see Max and Alya Nazir offers them dinner with a staff discount.

But as Max is made up, Lauren makes out she doesn’t feel well and heads out.

While at eco-activist Griff’s flat, Lauren lies to Max that Daryan was coming onto her.

But things go from bad to worse when Max calls at Griff’s flat again and he’s ordered to watch a film as it’s time he was properly educated.

Griff then offers him £200 to promote a talk he’s giving at the community centre.

Will Max go along with it?

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