Three massive BBC EastEnders theories: horrific revenge and surprise love affair to rock The Vic

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SUKI Panesar was hellbent on leaving her abusive and controlling husband Nish to start a new life with Eve Unwin.

Unfortunately, this backfires on her immensely this week and EastEnders fans are expecting the villain to take action.

Suki Panesar was taken to hospital after being found unconcious at the bottom of her staircase

She was trying to leave the Square with Eve Unwin

But could Nish get revenge to punish her?

1. Nish strikes back

Tired of feeling oppressed within her own marriage, the businesswoman played by Balvinder Sopal decided it was time for her to embrace a new life with secret partner Eve Unwin (Heather Peace).

The pair hatched a plan to take Nish (Navin Chowdhry) down once and for all but the controlling and mentally abusive character outfoxed them.

Suki’s lifeless body was later found down the stairs in shocking BBC One scenes and Eve became convinced Nish had taken things to a vile level.

This week, Suki’s distraught son Vinny (Shiv Jalota) searches for answers about his mother’s accident, reaching the conclusion that it was an attempt of life.

Viewers of the long-running drama will remember that Vinny walked into his father and his unconscious mother at the bottom of their staircase.

Nish is horrified by his assumptions and tries to shut them down, but Eve’s fears for Suki’s welfare fuel Vinny’s theory.

At the hospital, Eve and Suki worry whether Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) realises she planned to leave Nish.

Eve is convinced Suki isn’t safe if sent home, but the doctors discharge her regardless of her concerns.

Meanwhile, after overhearing Eve worrying about Suki’s safety, Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) fears that Suki is a victim of domestic violence, which brings him back painful memories of his daughter Chantelle Atkins who was killed by her own husband Gray.

When Mitch offers to get some food for Suki, Nish declines and says they don’t want any visitors.

At No.41, Vinny tries to get Suki to open up about her feelings, but Nish stops the conversation.

A frustrated Vinny gives Eve his keys, hoping she can get through to Suki.

When alone, Eve tells Suki there’s only one way out of this – she must report Nish for pushing her down the stairs.

As Vinny and Mitch separately continue to fear for Suki’s welfare, Nish is angry about being the subject of so much gossip.

When Vinny voices his fears to Ravi, he’s stunned to hear that Suki was leaving.

In later scenes, Suki is speculated to have hurt herself and she calls Eve, announcing she’s made a decision.

Nish is rattled when DS Miles and Callum Highway (Tony Clay) arrive to speak to Suki and question whether Nish has ever been violent.

After a tense chat, they take Nish in for questioning and present some evidence that lends to their theory that he pushed Suki.

The businessman is arrested for ABH – could he be brought to justice?

With the walls closing in on him, Nish can be expected to get revenge on his own wife in an attempt to keep her at his side.

And with him being capable of murder, Suki’s life is clearly in danger.

Is Theo Hawthorne up to no good?

2. Stranger danger for the Slaters

Meanwhile, money has grown scarce at the Slater household, forcing Stacey (played by Lacey Turner) to turn to cam work to make ends meet.

The bap van owner’s secret side job eventually came to light and she was convinced to give it all up to help her daughter Lily (Lillia Turner) avoid bullies.

However, this means that Stacey’s financial woes are back at the forefront of her mind as Lily asks for a pair of new trainers and she refuses.

Stacey also gets in Freddie’s bad books with an insensitive comment about his dreams of going to university following his shock ADHD diagnosis.

However, Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) soon steps in to ease the situation and talks to Freddie.

Unfortunately, Theo later upsets Stacey by presenting Lily with the trainers she wanted, courtesy of friend who owns a sports shop.

Stacey tells him Lily can’t have them as it’d be unfair on the other kids, but later Theo gives the trainers to Lily anyway. 

Lily shows off her new trainers to her friends, sparking concern from Amy Mitchell (Ellie Dadd), who tells her to be careful that Theo doesn’t have an ulterior motive.

Lily asks Theo directly about his intentions and he closes her fears down quickly.

Amy tells Stacey about the older guy who bought Lily trainers, and Stacey sees red, confronting Lily.

The young girl offers her mother an innocent explanation but this doesn’t stop Stacey from catching up with Theo in later scenes to discuss the trainers.

The tension between them immediately grows.

In recent weeks, fans have taken to social media to share their theories about what Theo is really up to.

And with her secret sex work being exposed, they’ve become convinced that Theo isn’t as innocent as he makes himself out to be.

One viewer even theorised that the teacher may be after Lily to cause trouble for Stacey.

“I’m really starting to suspect that Theo ( Freddie’s teacher) could be the person contacting Stacey on OnlyFans”, they commented.

“I mean what other reason would he target Lily other then the fact he wants Stacey’s money. The Slaters need to watch their back.”

Could they be right?

Elaine is getting ready to marry George Knight – but could there be trouble ahead?

3. Shock affair

Tension is brimming at The Vic this week as Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) tries to get into her stepdaughter-to-be Gina’s good books.

But when Gina (Francesca Henry) sets her sights on Zack Hudson (James Farrar), things go terribly wrong for her when Elaine confuses her crush with a fondness for Freddie (Bobby Brazier).

Having established that Freddie is single, Elaine encourages Gina to go for it, but she gets a knockback from Zack.

Gina’s gutted but believes there’s still hope after Elaine says she’s had a word with him, completely unaware that she’s confused Zack and Freddie. 

The massive mix-up causes humiliation for Gina, who later gets warned off by Zack Hudson’s partner Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty).

The misunderstanding leaves Elaine in the doghouse with her stepdaughter-to-be, prompting George to step in.

Elaine is asked by George to make it up to Gina while Anna tries to befriend Whitney.

But can Gina and Elaine ever really sort out their differences?

While Elaine turn all her attention on her future family, fans have sensed a growing sexual chemistry between her daughter Linda Carter (Kellie Bright)… and her future husband George Knight (Colin Salmon).

One viewer turned to Twitter speculating an upcoming affair between the two.

“Hmm… I can see Linda & George ending up in bed together… with a huge Christmas reveal with a massive slap from Elaine!! 2024!”, they wrote.

Could they be right?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.