Love Island in new bullying row as fans accuse islanders of picking on Molly

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LOVE Island has found itself in a new bullying row after fans accused Islanders of picking on Molly Marsh.

After Sunday evening’s episode, Molly’s fans took to social media to complain that the 21-year-old is being targeted by her co-stars.

Love Island fans have accused Molly Marsh’s co-stars of picking on her

One person wrote: “Nah this is gonna be a good season but it’s gonna get messy and they’re gonna start using the ‘bullying’ word soon. I can just feel it.”

A second person wrote: “The girls being kind to Molly because as Catherine said, the only info shes gotten was from Molly…. Yet twitter are bullying and dragging her. You all need to be better people.”

A third echoed: “Tyrique is nasty – he thinks he’s being funny but its coming across like bullying.”

And a fourth added: “Molly will be crying in a few days (again) saying she feels left out and then the bullying card will come out.”

Tonight, as tensions rise, a screaming row explodes over Islander Molly Marsh, as backlash from the recent challenge continues.

Sunday night’s show threw the Love Island villa into chaos as Mitchel, Sammy and Zachariah are all focusing on one girl – Molly.

But it was Zachariah who sent the villa into yet more chaos after giving Molly roses during a challenge and coming clean to Molly about how he’s feeling, admitting: “I feel like I needed to say something right now, I’m definitely just trying to put myself out there right now, I’m definitely thinking about you.”

Zachariah’s actions left current partner Catherine displeased – and tonight, war rages on.

With tensions still high following that day’s challenge, Mitch, Jess and Catherine watch on as Molly talks to Zachariah that evening.

It leads to Jess saying of Molly: “I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her. Mitch, you deserve better than that, she’s mugging you off in broad daylight.”

She adds, in reference to Molly and Zachariah: “She was secretly buzzing at that kiss, I know she was. I really wanna say something…”

Catherine agrees with her, and says: “Maybe you should.”

It’s then that Jess decides to take the opportunity to speak to Molly, and confronts her in the kitchen during the dramatic episode.

Tensions rise tonight as three boys fight for Molly’s attention