Travellers set up camp at car park next to Emmerdale studios with caravans blocking off spaces


TRAVELLERS have set up camp next to the Emmerdale studios with a fleet of caravans.

The group have moved in just a stone’s throw from the iconic Yorkshire Television studios in Leeds.

Travellers have set up camp next to the Emmerdale studio in Leeds

The council said that they will ‘monitor’ the situation

Aerial photos show the caravans lined up with the studios (the dark brown building) in the background

Pictures from the scene show caravans crowded together just a short distance from entrance to the studios.

Aerial shots show a total of seven vans, as well as a couple of cars, spread across a car park, blocking out several spaces.

People were seen getting in and out of the cars as the camp was set up.

The car park is not owned by ITV but it is occasionally used by ITV staff as an overfill, a source told HOAR Online.


Leeds City Council operate the car park and so the local authority do have the power to evict travellers from the site.

Some councils tend to be more robust than others in evicting travellers and it is largely down to the individual authority how long they are allowed to remain.

Emmerdale is not currently in production but will be filming again next week, ITV confirmed.

However, this means that the travellers could still be at the site when filming resumes.

The much-loved show has been running since 1972, with characters such as the Dingle and Tate families, and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

This year’s Christmas episode drew in 2.56 million viewers.

An ITV spokesperson said: “This is at a council operated car park near to our studios but is not causing any issues to our ITV site.”

Leeds City Council confirmed it would be monitoring the encampment.

Aspokesperson said: “We have been made aware of an encampment of travellers at Burley Road car park.

“We will monitor the situation and take appropriate action if needed.”

Emmerdale has been running since 1972 and drew in 2.56million viewers this Christmas

The local authority is able to evict the group as they are on council land, but it could take time

ITV confirmed that the show is not currently in production
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