Who is Cindy Williams Jr. in EastEnders?



As Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) makes a comeback to EastEnders, fans are eager to know more about her daughter, Cindy Jr. Here's everything we know about the absent daughter and the possibility of a family reunion.

Cindy Jr's Disappearance:

Cindy Jr was last seen on screen in 2015 when Mimi Keene departed the soap. Since then, her character hasn't been mentioned until the recent episode. Cindy had believed that her daughter died after giving birth, but unknown to Cindy Jr., her namesake mother is alive and well.

Cindy Jr's Background:

Cindy Williams Jr. is the daughter of Cindy Beale and Nick Holland. She was raised by her aunt and grandmother after Cindy was believed to have died in prison. However, Cindy Jr. has no idea that her mother is alive.

The Reunion:

While Cindy Jr's character hasn't been seen on screen for some time, Michelle Collins has teased the possibility of a family reunion in the near future. Cindy has been through a lot and is described as a strong character, despite her trauma and PTSD.

Cindy Jr's Actress:

The actress Mimi Keene, who played Cindy Jr, has since moved on to play the popular character of Ruby in the Netflix hit series Sex Education.

Next Episode of EastEnders:

To find out more about Cindy Beale and the potential reunion with Cindy Jr, don't miss EastEnders airing on Mondays – Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.