Who is Moses’ Dad in Emmerdale?


Meet Moses Dingle, one of Emmerdale's youngest residents

While their parents are busy bickering, children are often roaming the Dales, navigating through a drama-packed life. At only eight years old, Moses Dingle is one of the youngest known residents in Emmerdale. Get the lowdown on him.

Moses' Backstory

Moses Dingle, played by Arthur Cockroft, is a member of the close-knitted Dingle clan. Born on June 11, 2015, his birth is full of twists and turns. His mother, Woolpack landlady Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), gave birth to him while she was in prison for perverting the course of justice. Charity hoped that having a baby would shorten her prison sentence, but when that didn't happen, she signed the parental rights over to her daughter Debbie. Moses then moved into Mulberry Cottage with Debbie, her children Jack and Sarah, and her then-fiancé Pete Barton

The Mystery Father

For a long time, the identity of Moses' father was a secret. It wasn't until Moses was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with pyloric stenosis that Debbie contacted Charity in prison to inform her. Charity revealed that Moses' father was Ross Barton but confessed that he was not interested in being a part of Moses' life. Chaos ensued, and Ross eventually admitted to being Moses' father to a full Woolpack pub. Ross' mother Emma pushed him to establish his rights as Moses' father by putting his name on the birth certificate before Charity's release from prison.

Ross Barton's Journey

Ross Barton has had his fair share of tragedy and hardships. After the death of his father James and the loss of his mother Emma, Ross was brutally attacked and doused with acid by drug dealer Simon McManus. This left him self-conscious about his appearance and he spent most of his time in Dale View. However, he found solace and a new relationship with Rebecca White, who had also experienced trauma after a car accident. In 2018, Ross and Rebecca made the decision to leave the Dales for a fresh start in Liverpool, but Moses was left behind in the village.

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