Who raped Toyah Battersby in Coronation Street?

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TOYAH Battersby has been a much-loved Coronation Street character since arriving on the cobbles back in the 90s.

Sadly her life hasn’t always been easy, and this includes the night she was raped as she walked home.

Toyah Battersea was raped on Coronation Street in 2001

Who is Toyah Battersby in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street‘s Toyah Battersby arrived on the famous cobbles in 1997 with her dad Les, mum Janice, and sister Leanne.

During her years in on the street, her character has gone from being a teenage activist, to a heartbroken widow.

Toyah has also had a stint as the Rovers landlady, and been involved in some of Corrie’s most talked-about stories.

Despite having a the 13-year break from Weatherfield, she continues to dominate the big plots – which includes being held hostage in July 2023.

What happened to Toyah Battersby in Coronation Street?

Toyah’s darkest hour came when she was raped by a friend in 2001 as she walked home.

She was found in the alleyway of Coronation Street by Jason Grimshaw.

Toyah had no idea who attacked her that night and everyone on the street was ordered to have a DNA test.

Peter Barlow was initially arrested on suspicion of rape, but when the DNA results came through he was cleared.

Who raped Toyah Battersby in Coronation Street?

It turned out that the man that had raped her was actually Toyah’s friend.

When evil Phil Simmonds first arrived on Coronation Street, kind-hearted Toyah helped him find somewhere to live, as he was homless.

But he repaid her by attacking her in the alleyway, and raping her.

Simmonds was finally caught out when he called Toyah’s name and she recognised the voice she’d heard just before her ordeal.

Who plays Toyah Battersby in Coronation Street?

Toyah is played by actress Georgia Taylor – a role she had from 1997 until 2003, before returning in 2016.

During her time away from the ITV soap, she played Ruth Winters in Casualty, and Kate Barker in Law and Order: UK.

She’s also appeared in the movie version of the hit play The History Boys.

Georgia lives with her partner, actor Mark Letheren, who she met on the set of Casualty.