BBC Breakfast’s Sally Nugent suffers rib injury during Strictly Christmas special training


BBC Breakfast star Sally Nugent, 52, has sustained a brutal rib injury while training for this year's Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special.

Training for Festive Special

Sally Nugent, who previously announced her participation in the Strictly Christmas special, suffered a rib injury during training.

Sally Nugent has suffered a brutal rib injury following training for Strictly Come Dancing's Christmas special

Sally Nugent, 52, previously announced she was taking part in this year's festive special.

"Battered and Bruised"

Filming for the Strictly Christmas Day episode has already taken place, with Sally Nugent taking a week off from BBC Breakfast for training. However, the presenter has revealed that she's been left "battered and bruised" from the experience, including sustaining a rib injury.

"It's kind of like a Strictly boot camp but yeah it's fine, I've survived, bit battered and bruised but I'm ok," Nugent said.

Jon Kay then interrupted, saying, "She really is a bit battered and bruised."

Sally Nugent added, "I'm being brave, I think I've got the traditional sour rib injury."

When asked if the injury has healed, Nugent replied, "Not quite. I'm being very brave, don't make me laugh. Don't anyone make me laugh. It hurts too much."

Previous Rib Injury on Strictly

Soap star Nigel Harman had to withdraw from this year's regular Strictly series due to a rib injury. The Casualty actor, 50, was partnered with Katya Jones in the competition.

Addressing his early departure, Nigel said, "I was leaping off a rostrum and was about to be caught by some handsome men, and as I flew I was Peter Pan and as I landed I was in A&E. I've done something to my rib, it's quite painful and I'm a little bit high on painkillers but I'm having a lovely time."

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Sally told viewers: "I'm being brave, I think I've got the traditional sour rib injury"

Filming for the Strictly Christmas Day episode has already happened, which saw Sally take a week off from the red sofa for training.