How Kate Middleton is channeling the late Queen’s strength to respond to Meghan Markle attack


Learning from the Queen

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, had a close bond with the late Queen and learned valuable lessons from her. They were often seen smiling and chatting in public.

Keeping her memory alive

Kate has honored the Queen's memory by wearing pieces of her jewelry at engagements.

Inheriting the Queen's strength

Kate has inherited the Queen's strength, according to PR expert Denise Palmer-Davies. She is seen as a strong and powerful figure, just like the Queen.

The power of the invisibility shield

Kate has been using the Queen's tactic of not complaining or explaining to navigate through the recent allegations of racism. She continues with her daily duties, showing strength and stoicism.

Lessons from the Queen

Kate received lessons on how to be a royal wife from the Queen before her wedding to Prince William. The Queen also guided her on royal protocol and etiquette.

The perfect image of a Queen

Kate is described as having natural charm, unstuffiness, and a genuine interest in people. She is seen as the perfect image of a Queen.

Paying tribute through jewelry

Kate frequently wears the late Queen's jewelry as a way to pay tribute to her.