Former Strictly Pro James Jordan Criticizes Judges for “Overmarking” Ellie Leach


Former Strictly Come Dancing professional James Jordan has once again made his opinions known, this time taking aim at the judges for what he believes is an inflated score for contestant Ellie Leach. In a scathing video, Jordan expressed his disagreement with the 38 points awarded to Leach and her partner Vito Coppola for their Couple's Choice routine.

An Unimpressed James Jordan

Speaking to Hello!, Jordan didn't hold back in his assessment of Leach's performance. He stated, "This, for me, was her worst dance by a country mile. I hated the music, really didn't like the routine; I thought it was heavy, I thought it was slow, the lifts and transitions were messy, they made mistakes and this, for me, is the reason I hate Couple's Choice." Jordan added that he would have given the routine a maximum score of seven or eight.

Controversial Judging?

The judges' scoring of Leach's performance left Jordan perplexed. He questioned their decision to award her 9, 9, 10, 10, stating, "I have no idea, they must have been watching another dance to me." This isn't the first time Jordan has expressed his dissatisfaction with the judges' decisions this series. He previously criticized contestant Layton Williams, claiming that his talent was overshadowing the other competitors.

A Question of What Strictly Represents

James Jordan raised the question of whether Strictly Come Dancing is becoming a platform for fully-trained dancers rather than a show that celebrates the progress of celebrities. He expressed his concern that Layton Williams' exceptional talent was "making a mockery" of the show and suggested that aspiring contestants should think twice about participating unless they have professional dance experience.

Ellie Leach Advances to the Finale

Despite James Jordan's criticism, Ellie Leach secured a place in the series finale alongside Layton Williams and Bobby Brazier. Unfortunately, Annabel Croft was eliminated in the dance-off against Bobby. Jordan maintained his belief that Layton Williams' skill level goes beyond what the show is meant to represent.