Sam Thompson’s Girlfriend Reveals the Secret Behind His I’m A Celeb Win


Zara McDermott spills the beans

Zara McDermott, girlfriend of reality star Sam Thompson, has revealed the “real reason” behind his victory on the hit show I’m A Celebrity. Sam’s charm and appeal to ITV viewers ultimately earned him the crown of King of the Jungle.

Unveiling the secret weapon

Zara McDermott recently sat down with TikTok star GK Barry on her popular podcast series, Saving Grace, to discuss Sam’s journey on the show. She shared that Sam’s ability to stay calm and not get moody due to the lack of food was his secret weapon. Zara expressed confidence that this quality would take him all the way to the final, and she turned out to be right.

A true survivor

Zara also revealed that Sam copes well with boredom and can easily switch off. This resilience and ability to relax helped him navigate the challenging conditions of the jungle, where many contestants struggle.

The dream comes true

On Sunday evening, Sam was crowned the 23rd winner of I’m A Celebrity, beating out other finalists Tony Bellew and Nigel Farage. Overwhelmed by the result, Sam expressed his gratitude and excitement, stating that being a contestant on the show had been a long-term dream of his.

“You’ve made a boy’s dream come true. Thank you,” Sam said after his crowning moment.


Sam Thompson’s victory on I’m A Celebrity was no accident. With his charm, ability to stay calm in tough conditions, and dream to be on the show, he captured the hearts of viewers and rightfully earned the crown of King of the Jungle.

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