Hamza Yassin reveals huge Strictly weight loss after dancing for eight hours a day


STRICTLY Come Dancing’s Hamza Yassin says he has lost over a stone and a half during his time on the BBC show.

The wildlife cameraman said training for eight hours a day with his partner Jowita Przystal has led to him transforming his physique.

Hamza has revealed his impressive weight loss

He has confirmed he has lost a stone and a half

In an exclusive interview, Hamza said he’d never felt better.

He said: “I’ve lost over a stone and a half. My feet are not achy anymore.

“I’m seeing body parts being defined. I feel so much happier, fitter and healthier and I hope I can just keep it going that would be amazing if I can.

“I’ve lost four or five inches on my waist which is just nuts.

“This suit was tailor made at the beginning and now I need a belt to keep it on.”

Hamza is second favourite going into this weekend’s final and says the support from the public has helped keep him going.

He said: “We’re both very grateful.”

Jowita added: “It’s just so nice that people appreciate you and your hard work and appreciate him.

“He came from a world where there was no dancing he’s a cameraman.

“So for him to go out there, he’s completely out his comfort zone he’s never danced in his entire life and now people see him as a dancer.”

As well as his body changing, Hamza said his outlook on life has been transformed thanks to his time on Strictly.

Hamza said: “Each week is a new dance and you feel like you’re back at square one again.

“You’re learning a different hold or a different feeling and for some of it you have to act.

“I’m certainly out of my comfort zone.

“If you put me in front of a lion, charging at me, with a camera. I’m like, ‘Cool.’

“I know what that is going to do I’m confident there. Whereas here I’m in clothes I’d never normally wear, doing stuff I’d never normally do.

“I don’t hear the music I feel the music.

“Confidence is a tough thing but I feel my Dyslexia helps me out.”

Jowita agreed and said it had been a pleasure watching Hamza progress into tougher routines.

She explained: “Sometimes when I was creating the routines and I’d think, ‘Is this too much?’

“Then on the Monday morning I show him the steps and he’s like, ‘No!’”

Smiling she added to Hamza: “I think you’re capable of doing anything.”

Hamza and Jowita are in the running to win the Glitterball trophy

The pair will be hoping to be triumphant this weekend