Strictly Come Dancing Fans Upset Over Alleged Favoritism


Blackpool Dances Spark Outrage

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing are expressing their disappointment and frustration with the show, claiming favoritism. The outcry comes after the announcement of the Blackpool dances, particularly concerning Angela R's dance choices.

Accusations of Fixing the Winners

Many viewers are accusing the show of fixing the winners, pointing out that Angela, 79, has not performed any of the faster dances like Latin or Jive. This has led to suspicion and questioning from fans, demanding to know why Angela R has not been given the opportunity to showcase these dances.

Outpouring of Discontent

Angry fans have taken to social media to voice their frustrations. Comments such as "What a surprise Angela R gets ANOTHER SLOW DANCE" and "When will Angela R be given a jive/samba/salsa?" flooded the BBC Strictly Instagram page. The perceived favoritism towards Angela has left many feeling disappointed.

Controversial Dance-Off Decision

Adding fuel to the fire, Angela was chosen over Krishnan Guru-Murthy and his partner Lauren Oakley in the weekend's dance-off. Krishnan had consistently improved throughout the weeks, making his elimination all the more disappointing for fans.

Blackpool Performance Raises Eyebrows

Angela's upcoming performance at Blackpool's Tower Ballroom has garnered attention due to her past involvement with the venue. A TV insider revealed that the BBC had been hoping for her to reach Blackpool in order to celebrate her connections. However, the consistent saving of Angela has not gone unnoticed by viewers.

Fixing Allegations Amplified by Judge's Comment

During Saturday's show, judge Motsi Mabuse's comment further fueled the fixing allegations. Mabuse suggested that Angela already had a spot in the following week's show, stating, "This is a paso, and this paso is going to Blackpool, ladies and gentlemen." This statement left fans questioning the fairness of the competition.

Overall, Strictly Come Dancing fans are expressing their discontent with the alleged favoritism and fixing claims surrounding Angela R's dance choices and continued presence on the show. The controversy surrounding the Blackpool dances and the judge's comment has only added fuel to the fire.