UK Urged to Quit European Court of Human Rights to Revive Deportation Plan


Report Claims PM's Deportation Scheme Hindered by Strasbourg Judges

The Centre for Brexit Policy has stated that the UK's plan to deport individuals will fail as long as the country remains under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The report argues that emergency legislation introduced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak following a recent Supreme Court defeat will not protect the government from legal challenges based on ECHR grounds.

Emergency Legislation Leaves Deportation Scheme Vulnerable

Barrister Martin Howe warns that the deportation scheme, known as the Rwanda removal scheme, is still susceptible to legal challenges in UK courts. Even if emergency legislation reverses the effects of the Supreme Court decision, individual challenges based on specific circumstances can still be made unless the legislation explicitly excludes such challenges.

Calls to Remove ECHR Laws from Migration Policy

Several Conservative MPs, including former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, are advocating for the complete removal of ECHR or Human Rights Act laws from migration policy. Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick is also reportedly supporting this idea privately.

PM's Plan to Declare Rwanda Safe and Ignore ECHR

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak aims to pass new laws declaring Rwanda as a safe country, which would lead domestic courts to dismiss appeals against deportation. He has also pledged to disregard ECHR "pyjama injunctions," where anonymous Strasbourg judges prevent removal flights at the last minute.

ECHR Accused of Subverting Its Original Aim

Barrister Martin Howe's report argues that the European Court of Human Rights has deviated from its original purpose of protecting human rights. He claims that the court has become a law-making body rather than strictly interpreting the agreed-upon text.

New Treaty with Rwanda to Address Supreme Court Concerns

A new treaty with Rwanda is set to be signed in the coming days to address the concerns raised by the Supreme Court regarding refugee safety.