Strictly fans spot ‘tense’ moment between Kym Marsh and her in-laws during live show – did you see it?


STRICTLY Come Dancing fans claimed to have spotted ‘tension’ between Kym Marsh and her in-laws on the Halloween episode.

Kym’s husband Scott Ratcliff and his parents were in the audience to watch the former Hear’Say singer dance on the hit BBC show.

Kym revealed the presence of her in-laws added pressure

Kym’s in laws appeared unimpressed next to her husband’s Scott in the audience

Host Claudia Winkleman referenced Kym’s in-laws were in the audience as she chatted to the Morning Live presenter and dance partner Graziano Di Prima after they danced the rumba.

“Your in-laws are here, did that add to the pressure?” Claudia quizzed Kym.

The camera then panned to Scott and his parents in the audience.

While Scott was beaming with pride, his mum and dad looked far from impressed and could barely crack a smile.

Kym then admitted their presence made her feel the pressure.

Answering Claudia’s question, Kym pointed at her handsome dance partner and said: “Well, yeah, when I am dancing like that with him.”

Graziano then shook his head and joked: “I love you Scott!”

But Kym’s in-laws were shown on camera again and once again appeared not to see the funny side.

Scott’s dad managed a smile this time, but his mum still looked stony-faced.

And viewers were quick to spot the awkwardness and point it out on twitter.

“Kym Marsh’s in-laws scariest thing so far,” one commented.

A second agreed, saying: “Kym’s in-laws didn’t look like they wanted to be there.”

“Kym Marsh’s in-laws didn’t look too happy!” weighed in a third, while another called them a ” miserable pair” and one even likened them to “androids”.

“Kym’s in-laws didn’t rate that joke lmao,” chioped in a sixth, summing up the general mood.

But while her extended family may not have all been impressed, the judges liked what they saw.

Kym scored an impressive 34 points, only being beaten by Tyler West and Ellie Taylor.

“Wonderful dance from Kim, that’s the best I’ve seen from her! I’d give that a 10,” one wrote to Twitter.

Another chimed in: “Not sure about frozen but I had the chills from that Rhumba. A brilliant week for Kym, simply brilliant.”

Kym’s mother-in-law was still stony-faced after Kym’s joke

Kym and Graziano danced the rumba