Adin Ross 21 Savage live stream updates — YouTuber and rapper to play NBA 2K game on Kick – and winner gets $100,000


STREAMER Adin Ross will challenge rapper 21 Savage to an NBA 2K game for $100,000 this Thursday.

The highest-earning streamer on Kick, Ross, has been everywhere of late and is now making shockwaves in the gaming world by taking on 21 Savage.

Ross can always be found on social media, whether it’s taking drinks with Andrew Tate or having a collaboration with a top rapper, he craves the attention.

21 Savage, a world-renowned rapper, is no stranger to video games and NBA 2K and has played streamers in the past, like Kai Cenat, who recently became the most-subscribed Twitch streamer of all time.

The match, originally supposed to happen on May 17, 2023, is now taking place on May 18 after 21 Savage postponed the competition.

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