Call of Duty Cold War multiplayer FIRST LOOK – designer reveals new modes, mechanics and more


CALL of Duty Cold War is just a few weeks away – and we’ve got the inside scoop on multiplayer.

HOAR spoke to Treyarch lead game designer Tony Flame about what to expect from the beta and beyond.

Gunsmith is more expansive than ever

Call of Duty Cold War multiplayer – Create A Class

Loadouts are back, with the iconic “pick 10” system to provide plenty of pre-match stress.

You’ll have a bunch of Wildcards to choose from, and they all sound great.

Danger Close gives you more equipment, while Lawbreaker lets you carry two primaries.

Another gives you extra perks, while Gunfighter gives you eight weapon attachments instead of the regular three.

There are loads of new maps and modes to enjoy

“Gunsmith has more options than we’ve ever had before,” Tony told HOAR.

“For every Primary, you’ve got 54 attachments.”

Iconic weapons like the M16 and MP5 are making a return, but there are plenty of new options too.

Call of Duty Cold War multiplayer – Mechanics

Modern Warfare takes place in today’s world, and recent Black Ops games adopted a futuristic approach.

But Cold War takes us back in time, with no thrusters or boosters.

This means big changes to the way you move – but it won’t necessarily slow the game down.

“This game is spiritually a sequel to the original Black Ops,” Tony explained.

“We’re going back to that time period of clandestine operations, ‘60s ‘70s ‘80s Cold War era.

“It’s that type of warfare, so it needs to feel real and relate-able.

“We don’t have any future mechanics like in Black Ops 2, 3 or 4. So we don’t have things like Thrust Jump.”

You’ve got automatic health regen once more, and slide-in remains – but without a boost.

And crouching is now much more important.

“When you slide, you always slide into a crouching position,” Tony said.

“Think about a crouching position, that’s something we haven’t indexed much on from a design perspective.

“But in Black Ops Cold War, crouching is very important.

“It lets you move effectively silently, so you don’t need a perk: you can just move around.

“We know traditionally players may not want to do that because they move too slowly, so we’ve increased the speed at which you move when you crouch.

“You have accuracy improvements when you crouch.”

The weapons system has been redesigned to provide a more authentic experience

There’s no running stamina system, and you’ll always move a little faster when you start a sprint.

This speed boost tails off over long distances, but you’ll cross short distances quickly.

And the classic mini map is here, with red dot pings and UAV markers aplenty.

Call of Duty Cold War multiplayer – Combat

There are huge changes to weapons handling, which are subtle but very effective.

“We’ve almost rebooted all of our weapon tech systems,” Tony revealed.

“The way that the guns animate when you’re moving, when you’re walking, jogging, sprinting. Those are entirely new animation systems.

“The way that your gun shoots: we have a new system for recoil, gun firing animations, even the way the gun renders in your hands, the ADS perspective looks more authentic now.”

The beta is available right now, and there are goodies to earn by playing

There’s also a ballistics system in the game.

If you’re shooting beyond a weapon’s given range, travel time for the bullet will kick in.

“At a distance, those SMGs are accurate but it’s going to take a long time for that bullet to get there,” Tony warned.

Floating health bars also feature in Black Ops Cold War, making it clear when you’re hitting someone – and exactly how much damage you’re dealing out.

Call of Duty Cold War multiplayer – Scorestreaks

Scorestreaks make a return for Cold War.

This time around, anything you do contributes – including helping to kill someone, assisting with an objective, and getting eliminations.

Your scorestreaks will continue building even through death, but kill streaks earn a multiplier that helps you climb the ladder faster.

Scorestreaks also have cool downs “so people can’t cycle through them too quickly”.

Tony says there’ll be increased “terror” going up against airborne kill streaks.

For instance, artillery strikes are now instant, and can be saved up.

Scorestreaks carry over through death – but racking up kill streaks will help you climb faster

Each airborne kill streak also has its own unique audio cues.

“Napalm streaks: when you see those jets, your screen starts shaking and you hear the rumble,” said Tony.

Call of Duty Cold War multiplayer – Modes

There are plenty of new modes to enjoy in Cold War, including VIP Escort – a new 6v6 match.

“We wanted to dive into the fiction of the Cold War, and that’s how we came up with the VIP Escort game mode,” Tony said.

“One team starts protecting and acting as bodyguards for an important Cold War operative.

“It’s a one-elimination game mode, where each player can be downed and revived.

“There are two different extraction points, which can change every round.

“One team is escorting the VIP to the extraction zone. You can all go together, split the enemies’ attention.

“It’s very strategic, very cat-and-mouse, very high tension.”

There’s also a Combined Arms 12v12 playlist that includes a six-flag domination, and classic “tug of war” mode War.

The new game launches on November 13

The big new mode for Cold War is called Fire Team Dirty Bomb.

It’s a 40-player game mode with massive maps – and a “Battle Royale vibe”.

“You’re in a 4-player squad, looting items, finding scorestreaks and going to capture objectives,” said Tony.

You’re tasked with arming and detonating dirty bombs, with 10 different squads playing on the map.

“It’s very tactically nd you’ve gotta be very careful about when to engage and when to disengage,” Tony added.

If that hasn’t sold you, one of the maps – Ski Slopes – features snowmobiles. Enough said.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is out on November 13. The first beta weekend is available to PS4 pre-order customers from October 6, with Xbox and PC joining on October 13.

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